Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Motivation Is Interesting Thing

Before I get into this I would like to say that NutzLeslie did not intentionally slow roll Riggs. According to Bam he was rushing around taking care of the kids while he was playing. Riggs was very pissed off at the slow roll too.. or at least seemed to be in the chat. However I can fully understand being distracted by little ones so NutzLeslie gets a pass.

Motivation is an interesting thing. Some days you have it in spades and others it is like ug. My latest runs have lacked some motivation. I guess it is because I am almost at the end of the program. The program Couch to 5K has been great. It has achievable goals that you accomplish over a 9 week period. Some of them are tougher than others. You can see your progress and check that week off and see how far you have gone.

The 100 pushup and 100 situp program I am on has been a TOTAL fail so far. I am a ton less motivated to do these than running. In part it is because the program has been too hard. Essentially I have not been able to hit that next plateau. I have not gotten a feeling of achievement. I also do not have the same encouragement and fixed schedule I have with the C25K program. I am still doing the pushups and situps but it just goes to show how different the two systems are setup.

I was deleting some old emails from last month and they were pretty motivational.. things like "Wow Waffles, Running five minutes! Amazing". Now it takes at least five minutes to break a sweat. Lot of other comments too about how I was looking better
and getting into great shape. So it is fun to look back.

This morning some dude commented that my pants were getting baggy. Not sure if I should be creeped out or flattered. At least it was not Lightning.. that would be really creepy!

December blogger gathering should be fun also. It is always nice to unveil a years worth of changes in one night. When you see people daily the changes kind of just slowly grow on you. It is hard to really notice. If you see people once a year though then then changes really stand out. So I am looking forward to the big reveal in a few months.

I really need to set my motivation for the next two months. I need to keep the running interesting. Find some goals to hit. Makes some plans. I have not really finalized anything yet. I will get on it though. I need to keep motivated and reach my next goals.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Team Bammer!

Fun game. Was tired. Played pretty well. At 100 blinds with 1500 chips and AK I decided to gamble to a raise from a looser player. I figure I get called by AT as often as I get called by a real hand. He had Tens. Flop KQJ. We know how this is going to end right? Yup. Two outer Ace on the river. I would have called in that spot if I was him so I had no problem going out there.

NutzLeslie was a dick. Unless there is some other explanation. Slow rolling Riggs with the nut hand. Not cool. Timebank and everything. Only bad part of the whole game.

Week 9 Day 1

Started out my warmup walk REALLY SORE. I have no idea why but my legs were seriously hurting before I even started running. The upper backs were HURTING. I have no idea why. Played some football with the kid. Went mini golfing with both kids. Did situps and pushups.

I think I did an 8 minute mile tonight. I could be wrong. I may have just miscounted. Although I may have done the 8 minute mile judging by how fricken tired I was. I was ready to quit after that first mile and a quarter. I pushed through the entire 30 minute run. I lost count of laps somewhere in the middle.

It was a weird run. I was tired and wanted to stop.. I also got cramps in my side. I also felt really good at parts of the run. I felt like I was in a good rhythm and had it going on. So I dunno.

Played poker this weekend. I swear I lose more on the weekends. Ug. I was in a big razz hand and my computer shut down. Losing me some money. It has been doing that lately. Just shutting down for the hell of it. I smashed it with a baseball to teach it a lesson. Fucking computer. I hate it so much!

Read that IG's friend is teaching autistic kids. My first thought "Wow what a sweet job, just sit them in a circle and let them stare at each other".. I am so going to hell.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice Guy

Yesterday I decided to be a nice guy. I went out and got yard bags and picked up all the weeds and bushes the wife had pruned the other day. Included in this was a HUGE thorn bush. Now since I am such an outdoors guy I obviously had gloves for yard work --- NOT!!! So after ripping the shit out of my hands in the first three seconds I went inside and found some winter mittens and went after that thorn bush. It was a lot of work. It was a HUGE overgrown thing. I had the tree limb cutter and I was cutting it into pieces and stuffing it in the bag. Hot. Sweaty. Work.

I have always heard that people get this feeling of accomplishment after doing something like this. They work really hard and see what they have accomplished and they feel this good feeling. You know what.. these people are.. SADISTS! I mean what the fuck are they talking about? Are they retarded? Only some fuckwad who likes pain and wants to be whipped with chains could get a good feeling from this crap. I could not finish quick enough! I guess my good dead of the year is done. I can return to being evillllll** BWAHAHAHA.

** Sorry Son in hindesite banging on the downstairs door like a monster when you came down and were not sure I was there was not a good idea. I hope you stop shaking soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Plan

I need a plan for my running. I finish up the C25K next week. That makes it nine weeks of jogging. Starting out winded at 30 second runs and ending up being able to hit 30 minutes straight without too much trouble. In a lot of ways this has been the easy part. You get a lot of encouragement. You see changes in your body. It is the fun time.

The hard part is keeping it interesting day after day year after year running the same 30 minutes a night. I really do not see myself being that guy who runs because he enjoys it. Logistically it is easiest for me to hit the track a few times a week. I could throw in a weekend day at some exotic location. The track runs are going to be my normal routine though. It just works for me.

I need to get a plan together and figure out what the next four months is going to be. I think I want to work on just running for the next 3-4 months. I read somewhere that you should really have like 5-6 months under your belt before you start doing things like speed work or hill training or other advanced techniques.

I also have some desire to train for the 10K using the C25K bridge to 10K program. I am not sure if I want to start it immediately though. I may just keep running my 30 minutes for a few weeks then tack on like three more minutes and do that for a couple weeks and see how it goes. Get myself up to like 40-45 minutes slowly over the next few months.

I do want to try out a 5K also. I am not really ultra competitive. I do not really like strange people enough to want to run beside them and be their comrades. So I do not have that burning desire to run a race that some people might. I do think it would be cool to be able to say that I did it though. Have that neon shirt hanging in my collection.

So I have come a long ways. It is just the beginning though. Hard work and things worth having like health and fitness are not always "fun". It will be a long grind like poker. We shall see what happens.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poker Finally

I finally got time for some SNG play this week. I got in like five games. Played like shit going out 9th in the first two. AJ vs QQ on J22 flop. oopsie. Made some bad calls to get short in the second one. Made a nice comeback and yet lost. The next two I played slightly better and managed to cash a second place spot. So down a few bucks for the night.

Jogging keeps on going. Ran in the rain last night. I always like the cooler, rainy runs. Did two 11 minute miles then the last 6 minutes I did almost half a mile. I kicked up my pace at the end trying to squeeze out those last few yards for the half but it was not to be. Still pretty decent run. Nice to know I have another notch I can kick it up to also.

Hip is still sore. I think I need to do some more core exercises like situps or squats or something. I always thought I had a nice ass but I must need to firm it up some more to support the hip. I dunno. It honestly is not that bad. It just gets stiff when I sit around and then I have to walk it off.

Not much new going on right now.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not Much New

Same Ole Same Ole. Wanted to get some SNG volume in last night. After I ran my 28 minutes and did about 2.5 miles on track #5 I came home and was extremely tired. I watched some TV with the kids then went down stairs finished up a few MTV shows like Fantasy Factory, RJ Big Schlong or whatever the fuck his name is, and Warren the Ape. I then crashed. I should have enough time to get some games in tonight.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Live Poker Is Rigged

I went and played some live poker up at Seabrook NH with Josie. It was an interesting night. We played a 10 person SNG and an MTT. Here is how they both ended.

I am the second in chips. The first in chips has been raising and bluffing people off of hands all night. I call his raise with the debil hand of AJ s00ted. The flop comes down KT9 two of my suit. I have shown exactly 3 hands all night and they were a set of Aces and Queens twice. I lead out on the flop for 3k of my remaining 9-10K. The chip leader has like 11K. He jams all in for all of his chips.

Thought process. He does not have anything awesome. Possibly a King or Queen. He is ahead of me I beleive but not a lot. So my outs are a Queen, an Ace, any Diamonds. Upwards of 16 outs with fuzzy math. If I call and lose I am out. I can fold here and probably still money. I would still be second in chips. However this is a FUCKING huge draw. I am probably favored at 55-45 to win the hand. So do I call?

I thought about it for way too long and finally made the call. My opponent had A9 so all the outs I thought I had were live except my Jack instead of my Ace was live. I kind of was down on my call as the board ran out runner sixes. However in hindsight I think it was the right call. If I was playing a 5.50 SNG as I normally do I would snap call here. The only difference is that I paid sixty bucks to get into this tourney. So if I would snap call at my regular stake I need to do so here. In the long run I think I win enough to make it profitable assuming my read is correct. Here it was dead on.

I then played a $100 MTT. I started out alright taking a few pots down with top pair. I lost a few small pots. I then get into a hand where I turn the nut straight. I bet out HUGE and the guy calls me and I KNOW the fucking diamond on the river is baaaaaaaad. I should have checked behind but I end up value betting into the nuts and paying him off a few hundred more. I was down a bit but had a stack.

One guy was playing the table hard. He would limp or raise almost any hand with his large stack. I knew he was full of shit. I was so keyed in to this game. I was getting really lousy cards too. I limp with A6 s00ted. The flop comes 576. The dude who has been pushing everyone with his big stack leads out for 2k. I have like 6-7K behind. I jam all in against him after thinking it through. I felt I was ahead here. He calls me and turns up... A6. HAH! I have no idea how he called there but anyways...

I make a sick call against a guy with pocket threes. I had like 6th pair on the board but obviously he had nothing. I was so fucking dead on in my reads. I then raise AQ and he smooth calls. I jam the Queen flop and he calls with pocket threes to donate the rest of his stack to me. Do not try to imitate Waffles. You will get hurt.

I get moved to another table with my 6k stack. Blinds are starting to get high. I notice this one guy with a fag beard. I mean it's one of those ones where you just have a tiny thin strip of hair down the middle. Dick. He has been betting in a pattern. Everyone checks the flop. He leads the turn for a min bet. Blinds are getting high at 400/800 at the time so he took down a few pots.

I am in the big blind with T3o and a few people limp. The flop is 235. Checks around. Turn is a Queen. Dude does his EXACT same min bet even does the same flipping splash action. I call. River is another Queen. Now I am POSITIVE he does not have a Queen. He leads out for 2xBB bet. I instant call and he see's my hand and mucks. He then grumble WTF! How do you call there! Stop playing with your hands up retard.

That hand got my stack back up to 11k. The blinds were up to 500/1000 at this time. I kept getting wonderful hands like 38o and 93o. So I folded like a motherfucker. I did steal once when the two bozo's who limped every hand.. limped again.. so I jammed my Ace rag in and got them to fold.

The tourney broke down to two tables. I got moved to my new table but my cards did not improve. The big stack was raising a lot and I had no chance to play my 94o's in any meaningful ways.

Finally with 6K left I look down and see Rockets! The douche with the fag beard had been on a huge run. He called a raise with 45o and flopped a straight against two other guys. One guy turns a pair. The other guy has two over cards and a gutter draw. Both call this guys all in. He tripples up. He then gets Aces vs some smuck and stacks him. The guy limps on my right and I basically shove in. I think I held back 1K just to be cute. So this guy limped 2K and then called my shove. Even though I have not shown down any crap hands. To be fair he had like 30K so losing 6K is not going to knock him out. He turns over K9 as his hand. The flop comes K9x. The turn gives me a nut flush draw, 6 outs to pair the board, and 2 Aces still in the deck. So again I have like 16 outs. Do I win the coin flip? Would this be Ramblings of a Mad Man if I did?

I took it well. Shook the guys hand. I was honestly not angry. He did have the chips to call. I played about as well as I could given the cards and action I was getting. I just could not get lucky when it counted.

I had a good time. It was a lot of fun. The Seabrook poker room is pretty nice. I think I played a pretty fucking great game both times. I could have been a little more cautious and made a few bucks in the SNG however I am fine with getting in there. It was just not my night to win.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Josie!

The favorite hand of Josie. I call a small bet pre flop and get jammed on the flop. After much deliberation..

Take That Biatch!

Full Tilt Poker Game #23273587893: $4 + $0.40 Rush Sit & Go (179888983), Table 28 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 07:49:43 ET - 2010/08/22
Seat 1: TOM3002 (5,030)
Seat 2: hendrik15 (1,485)
Seat 3: barch84 (10,210)
Seat 4: newfie girl 66 (3,270)
Seat 5: akkie1970 (3,780)
Seat 6: URRGH (2,460)
Seat 7: Maniac57 (3,837)
Seat 8: stonec27 (3,760)
Seat 9: Chrisjelui76 (5,852)
hendrik15 posts the small blind of 80
barch84 posts the big blind of 160
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Maniac57 [3c 3s]
newfie girl 66 folds
akkie1970 raises to 480
URRGH folds
Maniac57 calls 480
stonec27 folds
Chrisjelui76 folds
TOM3002 folds
hendrik15 folds
barch84 calls 320
*** FLOP *** [3d Kh 5d]
barch84 checks
akkie1970 bets 320
Maniac57 raises to 1,000
barch84 calls 1,000
akkie1970 has 15 seconds left to act
akkie1970 has timed out
akkie1970 folds
*** TURN *** [3d Kh 5d] [9d]
barch84 checks
Maniac57 bets 1,000
barch84 raises to 2,000
Maniac57 raises to 2,357, and is all in
barch84 calls 357
Maniac57 shows [3c 3s]
barch84 shows [Qd 6d]
*** RIVER *** [3d Kh 5d 9d] [3h]
Maniac57 shows four of a kind, Threes
barch84 shows a flush, Queen high
Maniac57 wins the pot (8,554) with four of a kind, Threes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 8,554 | Rake 0
Board: [3d Kh 5d 9d 3h]
Seat 1: TOM3002 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: hendrik15 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: barch84 (big blind) showed [Qd 6d] and lost with a flush, Queen high
Seat 4: newfie girl 66 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: akkie1970 folded on the Flop
Seat 6: URRGH didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: Maniac57 showed [3c 3s] and won (8,554) with four of a kind, Threes
Seat 8: stonec27 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 9: Chrisjelui76 didn't bet (folded)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Geek Squad Assholes

I went into Geek Squad ready to do battle. I first go to customer service for Best Buy and they tell me I have to go to Geek Squad. So I go over there and there is this faggy looking asshole with a hipster beard. I explain to him that they told my wife they were doing a hard drive transfer and all they copied were a few files. He said that "All they copy is the data" so just copying the nearly empty user directory was what they were supposed to do. He said he could do nothing so I asked to talk to his manager.

The manager was just as bad. I told him let's not play semantic games. The implied intention of the transfer was to move all the files, folders, etc.. over from the old hard drive to the new one. Obviously this was what my wife was expecting. He said that this was not the service they offer and they can not copy programs from one hard drive to another. He said he would not help at all and I got what I paid for.

I walked away and told him I was talking to the store manager and I was never coming back to their store again. I told him we had bought four laptops in the past two years from Best Buy and a lot of other things and that I would never come to the store again. I then walked away. I headed towards the door while trying to figure out who to talk to. I looked back and the manager of Geek Squad was smirking. I was going to go back over and punch him in the face but I resisted.

I go to customer service again and after waiting for a while I get to talk to the manager. I explain to him the situation. I also mentioned to him how the Geek Squad people were changing the "estimated costs" of laptop screens to make my wife buy one and then saying much lower numbers when she was going to keep the laptop and was considering shipping the old one off for a screen repair. I also mentioned that I had bought four laptops and other things during the past few years and I would NEVER step into a Best Buy again. I mentioned that the only reasonable solution to this would be a full refund or a full store credit I would use to buy other things like possibly my new Droid X or something else.

He went and talked to the Geek Squad guy and finally came back. He would not admit they were wrong in the service they offered. He basically said my Wife is a moron and she should of expected it was only "Data" that was transfered. I felt like I should explain to this college edumicated fucktard that technically data consists of bits on the hard drive so programs actually are DATA. Fuckwad. I just nodded and agreed. He said that he would give me an in store credit for the entire cost of the service and that is what I left with.

I still think Geek Squad are fucking morons. I am happy with the resolution even though I had to jump through hoops to get satisfaction. In the end I am relatively happy with the end result.

In other news I went shopping and got a body fat / Hydration / Weight scale. I did my first weighing and it came out 177 pounds, 27% fat, and 60% hydration. According to the different sites 27% fat is overweight but not too bad. I also have some nice definition filling in on my arms and chest.

I hate to say this too but I like Target. Philosophically I hate them.. but they are so damn convenient.

Newest Breakeven Player

The other night my wife tells me at 9:00 that I have to go pickup the AU Pair at 10:00? WTF? I hate how she does this crap all the time. Fucking idiot. I was in the middle of two SNGs. My little 8 year old agreed to take over. I do not let them play poker yet. However I figured it would be ok. I showed her how to mash the buttons. Explained how two big cards are better than two little cards. So she took over my two games... multi-tabling already the mini-ballah! She ended up losing both despite the fact I had good stacks in each of them. One hand I think she waited to long and then got folded out of like most of her stack. ug. She then lost on the bubble. I come home and she tells me her bad beat story. "Dad I almost won, I had AK... but the other guy woke up with KK". X0X0 My little degen in training!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Geek Squad.. Big FU!

I am so annoyed with these people. My babies momma goes in to Best Buy to get the kid a new Laptop. He broke his old one. She decides to get the service that is called "Hard Drive Transfer". This seems pretty simple to me. You take the old HD. Anything on it. Transfer it all over to the new laptop. Fix some driver issues. Walla. Done. The dimwads charge a hundred bucks for this service.

My babies momma goes and picks up the machine. Know what they did? They transfered one folder to the new machine. The Windows User folder. I am sure they did not do this right either because half the folders are empty. I mean the nerve of these people! They tell you they are going to do a full transfer and they don't even copy anything.

Also she was debating fixing the screen or not. The Geek Squad tells her "Ya the screen might be like 300 to fix". So she then is like "Well maybe I should return the new PC and just get the screen fixed".. She calls back and mentions this and all of the sudden "Oh yeah the screen will be like 500-600 to fix". She decides to stick with the new PC.. and calls again.. and all the sudden it is "100-200" to fix the screen. Fucking retards. I am going in there Sunday to give them a Waffles rant and a half.

If they happen to resolve things to my satisfaction, I.E. Giving me a full refund of the hundred and an apology then I will let you know.

What would you do? #1 - Friggen Italian Version

Initially I was going to make this a tribute to Poker Meisters style of level headed reporting however I find posting hand histories to be too mathy. Raised to 150 pre-flop after two limpers. Italian dude jammed the flop for all his chips.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Excellent Night

Played 5 SNGs in about an hour and took down 3 of them with 2 firsts. Cha Ching. Nice win. I think when I track SNGs as sets of like 10 or something I focus more and win. I got ass fucked to lose the first one too. All in AJ vs TJ. Pre-Flop. Canadian. Fuck. You. I got my revenge in another SNG we were both in when I bubbled his ass with AK vs A9. Suckah! The other game I lost. I had 33. Flop comes 399. I call a bet. Turn 8. I get in. I am against 88. UG! Annoyed me to the point I almost just screwed out of the last game. I pushed a few hands and when I could not bust I went on and won it.

Did my jogging tonight. 25 mins again. I ran a bit further than Monday. I did not blaze a 10 minute mile.. so I was not exhausted at the end. I ended up making 2+ miles. Still not up to speed I should be at. It was tough tonight too. Kind of humid and my heart had to work harder tonight. Hip and Ankle are still fucked up. I think I am going through puberty too.. I got pimples on my forehead. I NEVER got pimples EVER even in High School. WTF! Stupid exercise!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I walked up some steps today and at the top I had trouble breathing and got dizzy. Not sure what that's all about. Not happy.

Checking In

Just checking in.

Not a hell of a lot going on right now.

Poker is on a downward trend. Down to 210 again from the peek of 300. Need to break through and hit a few little scores. Instead of treading water. I blame Josie for seducing me into these VeryJosie games. Big drain on the bankroll! ;).

Running is good. I did 25 minutes Friday. Went swimming with the kiddies Saturday. Did pushups Sunday and back out running for another 25 minutes on Monday. Wednesday scares me. Mondays run was a little tougher than Fridays for whatever reason. Could be humidity, bad music, fatigue, whatever. If it is fatigue that is why Wednesday 25 minutes kinda scares me.

In general I am dealing with some pains. My ankle feels twinged and my hip gives me some serious grief. Once my muscles warm up from a run or even walking both pains go away. So not sure if I need to go to a doctor or take a few days off (which I do not want to do) or just grin and bear it.

Just for the record I am still a fat ass. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Hoyazo actually makes a good point finally. Bloggers should be kissing Full Tilts ass and playing in events if they win 10K. I can understand why JJ could not got. His entire life got fucked up. It is more important to take care of family than play some stupid game. Not sure what other peoples reasons for not going were. I can understand wanting to take the cash and run instead of playing a huge lotto ticket. Except the only reason you got that cash was because AlCantHang convinced people it would be good advertising. Hate to agree with Hoyazo but the arrogant fuck is right.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fuckin Amazing

I keep being amazed by the Couch to 5K program. Tonight I ran twenty five minutes straight. It was at least two miles. Unbelievable for a guy who could barely run 25 feet about six weeks ago.

The run was pretty good. I finally added music to my running. It was helpful. I was halfway through the run and needed some motivation and some song that went something like "running running running.. keep going" starts playing. I only had my son's iPod so I was stuck with his stuff. It was amazing good for running.

Towards the end with the last two laps I needed some more motivation so I pictured my friends jumping up and cheering. Katitude is not someone you would consider jumpy and bouncy but it's my imagination!!! She was cheering me on along with Carmen and Josie. Carmen obviously is very bouncy!!

So I finished up my final two laps. Started my cooldown walk and.. my motivational song from last week started playing.. "Im riding solo solol solo sololoooo". Nice touch. I finish my stretches and the grand finale hit "Eye of the Tiger". Fuck YA! I have the Eye of the Tiger! I am doing it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perfect Game

I played the VeryJosie last night and played a pretty perfect game. I will go over a few hands that were key and my opponents thought were bad plays.

I had a fun hand with Wolfie. I had limped in late position with QT. I was getting shortish. I was also getting frustrated here. I had several good hands sucked out on recently. So when Wolf re-raised 3x-4x the blind I made a VERY loose call. Normally I would not make a call like this.

The pro's of this call are that Wolfie is likely to pay me off and double me up if I hit the flop in any meaningful way. The cons are that I am likely behind to a better hand and QT is a crap hand.

The flop comes T97. Wolfie leads out with a bet that commits him. I know I have his ass killed so I jam all in and he calls. It turns out I got really lucky on this flop since he had AQ pre-flop. Technically I played this perfectly because my initial investment of 4BB paid out a huge fucking payday and double me up.

Obviously this was a loose call born of a little frustration but beyond the pre-flop call the rest was pretty standard and played well. Please do not whine when you call off a big chunk of your stack with Ace high drawing to three outs.

Next up is my hand with KJ. I am in the SB and I raise my KJ up to 3x the BB. I am a short stack but not desperate yet. I have around 2700 in chips with 50/100 blinds. I am the smallest stack at the table. The BB re-raises me. I read this as a semi-weak re-raise. I think about it. Weight the factors. I decide I want to gamble a little and jam my entire stack in. I like shoving because it puts all the pressure on my opponent. I figured he would make the call and hoped we would be racing. He thinks about it for a decent amount of time then calls my all in jam for over half his stack or more with ATo. I will give him props in that he made the right call in this situation. I spiked a King and crippled him. He would be out of the game shortly after.

Shoving here is AS loose as you will EVER see me. It might be a weakness in my game but I refuse to be blinded out like RoachBoy. I tend to error on the other side and get all in too early. I really need the chips though because of the retarded suckouts I have against me. I had A7 runner-runner flush my AQ and A9 win out when I flopped 2-pair and he could not fold TPF(ucked)Kicker.

The final play of the night came when I had Kings in late position. Mojo raised to 720 with a 7K stack. I re-raise him to 2100 with a 5K stack. He decides to jam all in with AK and I can not fade three outs. I think his shove is pretty standard MTT play. I also think it is stupid. Not that he is stupid. Not that his jam is wrong according to conventional MTT play. I just find it amazing how willing people are to overplay AK. The only other problem I have with his jam is that there is absolutely no fold equity for him. I mean if I re-raise to 2100 with a 5K stack I am not going anywhere to your jam. The only thing it accomplishes is making sure you get to see all five board cards. I was not angry at his shove at all though because it made sense.

If I can conceptually understand why someone would make a stupid play then it NEVER bothers me. Even if I am a HUGE favorite and I lose. His play makes total sense given modern day online MTT play. If he turned over something like KJ and hit runner jacks or something like that I am sure I would have been furious.

Wolfshead went out in 4th. Josie was predicting he would win the whole thing when he was the top stack with 9 left. I figured he would find a way to blow it. ;). I was correct. Although I thought he would go out fifth and I would assume my normal bubble spot. Ah well. At least I outlasted Lightning. Ratboy and MojoSuckout took first and second and LuckiDuck took the last paying spot. He played a very tight game and deserved that third spot.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Howard Lederer Is a MORON

Played another set of five SNGs last night. Finished with a second and two thirds. Not very exciting way to win like five bucks but whatever. I have to say his advice of "Call all in's with KJ+ or QJ+ when three are left" is total bullshit. You will be facing a lot worse hands? Really? Possibly in your fucked up universe but where I am sitting that is crap advice. "You have already made 20% of the money so gambool". Fuck you degen? Go smoke your crack pipe and make money on owning a site instead of your out of date, rusty, crap "poker skills". I fucking think your the biggest moron ever now.

I am willing to admit my sample size is small BUT I think his advice is horrible. The games I am playing at the 5.50 level PEOPLE ARE TIGHT AS FUCK. Last night the first four games I played had NINE people into the 50/100 level. NINE FUCKING PEOPLE! The hands that I was against in shoves were things like AQ and AJ and fucking shit that kicked my ass so BAD! I think if you have spent your time getting this far you need to be EXTREMELY tight on calls. You can be slightly looser or shoves probably. His crap advice about calling pushes with weak ass hands is retarded.

On the good side I did not have the urge to call anyone a fucktard or retarded anal monkey fucking Brazilian last night. Shit those guys make me want to hate fuck my Brazilian Au Pair.

On the health front. Did like 27 pushups last night. Repeating Day One of my regiment since I failed Day Three. My running is going good. I was EXTREMELY sore and my legs were EXTREMELY tight on Monday. It was an easy run of 5min-8min-5min. I have to think my legs are still dead from Saturday. Tonight has me a little worried as I am doing two ten minute runs. I know I can accomplish this when I am feeling good but with my sore left leg and how badly the run went on Monday I am a little concerned. I will give it my all though.

Hell I may even finish fixing the window tonight before I go running.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I will never learn

I will definitely never learn. Poker gets me too angry. It is my one big fault. Somedays I handle it well and others I become a raving lunatic. After that 5th 3-outer or tenth bubble when some retard calls with 89o for all his chips... UG! It is on my to keep cool and say "nh gg sir" not on my opponent. At least the bankroll did not have to pay for my anger. Well maybe like 10-20 bucks worth but not anything critical.

If you take anything from my pages of rants and raging you should realize it is probably the one reason I am not a zillionaire in poker right now. Despite the impression of donkatude I give I could probably kick your ass in poker any day of the week. It is just the long term attitude that keeps killing me.

Sunday was a nice day with the girl child. I took her to the Puppet Showplace Theater. The boy fiend did not wish to go. He claims he is horrified by puppets since I let him watch Chucky. Good parenting skills activate! I think he is full of shit and just wanted to relax at home. I told him I would not buy him a puppet if he did not go.

The theater was so different than when I went 33 years ago. :P. It was pretty wild. It was more formed into a theater. When I was a kid it was more a shop filled with all kinds of weird and wild puppets and a stage was in the front. The puppets have become more generic brands and the theater is a fully seated and benched monstrosity curtained off to the left. I am not sure if the girl liked the show itself. It was kind of hot inside so that could be part of why she seemed sleepy. We had pizza and she bought a monkey puppet. It started out with a Texas accent but after the show it became the voice of the little mouse. It's name is Brownie. She vetoed my name of Nutty Banana's. It was nice to get some time with the girl. I sometimes spend more time with the boy because he has noticeable and outward behavioral issues where she is more quiet and well behaved. I am going to try and get some activity done with them every weekend. Next weekend I think I will try Canoeing.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Might be time to quit for the night...

hope your mom dies
elpendex: LOL
Maniac57: painfully
pay2c5ofakind: lol
Maniac57: of like cancer
Dealer: Spazzo666 has 15 seconds left to act
pay2c5ofakind: real maure
Maniac57: or aids
Maniac57: from fuking you
pay2c5ofakind: Karma is a bit(((H
pay2c5ofakind: punk
pay2c5ofakind: remember your words when u suffer what u speak PUNK
Maniac57: please I hope my mom dies painfully

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Twenty Minute Attempt: Part Two of Two

I finished running from Copley to Boston University and then some. I was exhausted. I stretched. I was spent. So what did I decide to do? As I walked by the Boston University Campus it brought back so many childhood memories so I decided to take a walk like I used to when I was a kid.

I grabbed a Gatorade and woofed it down. I remembered...

Boston University. I used to go in there as a kid. In the basement was the game Bezerk. Stop the humanoids. Stop the intruder.

I always flew my bike around these parts. A lot was exactly the same. Some things were different. Commonwealth ave was my playground as a kid growing up in the hood.

The Jeep dealership was now extra parking for BU. The Ski Market was burned out or under reconstruction. The sign was the same as I remember. It will be open again in September. It surprised me that McDonalds was replaced by odd Mexican restaurant.

The trendy blight that takes over old neighborhoods was noticeable. The Starbucks. The fancy place. The custom bike shop. I turn down Pleasant street. I remember screaming down this little parking lot hill in my little shit brown Schwinn bike. Same color as Buddies Mustang.

Grandma's old apartment. Birdbrains place (My good friend Mark). Eggmont looks pretty good. Everything is painted. It looks pretty. Honda's and Audi's mix with shitbox junkers in the projects. I head down to my old house. I notice the back yard areas now have some sort of buildings. Is that a clubhouse or something? Not sure. I head towards my old house.

Old ass Spanish chick gives me a bad look. Better watch yourself you hoochie momma I will smack you back to Mehico. I know. I am going to hell. I do not even try anymore. I finally figure out what the structures are: more houses! Holy crap. It used to be a big circle of grass with small 3-run wooden fences. We played football and baseball and had all kinds of fun in the middle. Now they just planted a house there. Amazing.

The buildings do not look as tall as I remember. I head down towards Dexter. It is smaller too. A couple of Asians run past me faster than I can jog! I will get there though. Pass by the park I used to play in. It is the same as I remember. Down the hill. Hit the spot where I did a face plant. Oh yeah. Flying down a hill at top speed no fear hit the breaks... piece of shit bike only has one working break. Faceplant city. Broke my front tooth off right at the nerve. The nerve survived. Causing my a lot of pain. Waffles once and forever.

Up to Coolidge corner. The little general store is gone. The dry cleaner is still there though. The store I bought my magnetic robot monsters with all my paperboy money is gone replaced by some weird ass store. The general nick nack, little bit of everything, store is still there though. I head down the street.

I forgot. My preschool is on this street. It looks the same as it did when I was little. Past a newer memory. Getting drunk on Vodka in a Russian restaurant with the soon to be Ex. I sang Dankashein with the pretty Russian entertainer.

Finished up by the Puppet Theater. Got my favorite puppet there. I black critter with messy hair. Loved that thing. Puppet Show Place was awesome. I sit on the train and head back home. Pain and exhaustion settling in.

It was fun to wander like I did as a kid. I would walk everywhere. Grabbing change from parking meters and just thinking. As I got older I would wander on my bike. Picking a street and riding. Repeating this when I got my first cars. I always kept walking, driving, moving, looking, searching for something I have yet to find.

Twenty Minute Attempt: Part One of Two

Woke up this morning. It was the day. I was going to accomplish the cumulation of five weeks worth of work. I was going to run for twenty minutes straight. No stops. No breaks. No mercy. I cook myself some bow tie pasta. Cut my finger open on the box. Drank some Gatorade. Waited a few hours to digest my meal then hopped on the train and heading down to Copley. I was going to make this a special run. No circular jog around the track. No. I would run around the Charles River. Checking out the hot babes and nice river breeze.

I walk from Copley to the river. My left leg is sore. I am psyched. I am pumped. I am ready to accomplish this. I will not fail like I did with the 100 pushups. I will not repeat this week. I will conquer and move on. I head over the bridge and I am there. At the river. I merge into the bike/jogging lane and I start running.

I am determined not to check my watch. It is the small death. I will not succumb. I am doing it. I am jogging. I look like the other joggers. Well, they are not wearing Hawaiian leaf bathing suit and a Llama shirt. I am close enough to them though. I look good. I am tired. I feel good though.

I pass the first bridge. I pass the second bridge. I decide not to look at my watch until the third bridge. At that time I will run across the bridge to the other side. It will be pretty cool. I see the next bridge. I am running towards it. I am tired. I decide to peek.

11:00. Eleven minutes into the run. I only have nine minutes to go! Holy shit! I am doing it! I am crushing it! WOW! I am doing good. Um. Why am I suddenly so tired? I keep jogging. I will not check the watch until the bridge. I am not there yet. Fuck I am getting tired. I need to check my watch.

15:00. Ok. Getting there. Only like five minutes left. Wow. I am getting tired though. I keep running. I must have run five more minutes right?

17:00. Oh. Only two minutes. Well that leaves what three minutes left. Oh shit am I tired. I am slowing down. I can not do this. Wow. I have nothing left. You can not make it my inner voice says. I know I agree! Wait! You are supposed to disagree. I start playing that pop song solo in my head. I must be dying. Stupid song.

18:00. Fuck dude. Only two minutes left. Are you still running? Um. I think so. Foot. Next foot. Moving slightly faster than walking. Yeah. I think I am running. Goddamn my side hurts like hell. I can not breath with this pain. Focus. Breath. Step. Step.

19:00 Holy shit man. You can not quit now. I am dying though. Dude your fucking there though!! No. No. I am dead. I finally went to hell. Dude! Look! You are there!

19:20. Oh. Not yet. Fuck. I can not move another step. Um. I am moving. Pain. Can't breath. Solo song. OMFG! Ugly people making out. WTF! SHIT! THIS IS SO HARD! I am still moving? Yeah. Breathing? Yeah. Good form? Yeah. Can not fucking stop now. I have come too far.

20:00. I am done. I did it.

I was thinking of the solo song. I have to tell you there may be a god. He may have built me with good muscles and fortitude. He may want me to succeed in my runs. It is not free though. He wants me to go solo. He wants me to dig down deep inside myself and pull out some reservoir of effort and desire that I had no idea existed. I did that today and it felt really awesome.

Part Two Tomorrow.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Questionable Laydowns

I always ask for advice and opinions on hands because frankly I want to know the mindset of all the fish who play against me. It is constantly changing so here are a few questions for you.

Here are two hands against the same player. I raised from EP with a 40K stack, the guy like second in chips with a 26K stack jams all in. I read this as a retard playing the bubble hard alla Sucko. I have AK s000ted. However I folded. If I lose the hand I go from first to worst. If I win the hand I have amazing amounts of chips. Is this a bad fold on the bubble of a 136 person SNG?

Second hand. Same guy. Same thing. He shoves from the cutoff. I have 99 in this situation. Same exact issue. If I call I am racing. If I lose I am short. If I win I am a HUGE stack. Is my more conservative fold in this spot a good play or a bad play?

I have been looking at my game a bit lately and not liking a few plays. Such as getting in the habit of overplaying weaker AQx type hands. I totally made mistakes like that with 4-5 people left. However am I moving too far in the other direction laying down big hands to second place in chips at a 5 handed table on the bubble? The other possibility is that I am doing what I should to ensure cashing instead of pissing away huge leads on coin flips. Comments? Suggestions?

Also has anyone noticed that the min-raise has become a pussy weapon of interesting use. Towards the end of this same 136-peep SNG I was in people were CONSTANTLY min raising. It used to be that a min-raise was a strong hand. Retards giving odds for you to suckout on AA. Now however it seems like these pussies do not want to lose 3-4xBB to steal the blinds, so instead they min raise. All the fucking time. Also I noticed. It works. The weak-tight fuckers fold EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even yours truly. One hand though dude min-raises me. He has a good size stack. I jam him with AT s00ted or so. He calls me with like 4T diamonds. I stack his ass. Weird fucking people playing poker these days.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Deep in a 4.40

Went really deep. Made a sick call with like 8 left that got me to second in chips. I then lost a big pot A9 vs 88 on A8 flop. Five people left. I came back from that. I then had an SB vs BB hand with A7 vs JJ and could not get there. Not bad cashing 5th in a 4.40 136 peep though.


Last night's run was tough. The wife went out before me so I could not even leave for the track until like 8:30. It was pitch black. Mosquitoes were flying. I was tired. No dinner because I can not eat before I run. Just some snacks to keep my energy up. I have to say though I fucking KILLED this run. Eight minutes with a 5 minute walk then Eight more. I was super excited. I thought it would be tough. I got into it though. Knew it was 3 laps around the track and just knocked it off. Felt fantastic.

Played an SNG. Had the lead the whole game. The last four took FOREVER and I bubbled. With 400 blinds it gets tough. I eventually jammed my SB with KQ and the BB woke with JJ and that was it for me. I am currently doing Howard Lederer's SNG challenge. I will say this. As far as all the challenges go his is the dumbest. I will need to read about it a bit more but advice like "With three left call an all in with KQ".. I think there are better spots. I would not mind JAMMING a KQ obviously but I hate calling off in that spot. Perhaps Howard's advice is good and I just need to give it a chance. I will post details on it later. I am working for the 100$ cash bonus at Poker Academy. Seriously people. You can get a hundred bucks just for collecting achievements.. which I kind of like anyways. Lesser costing prizes include step 1 tickets and things like that. I kind of like this Poker Academy.

Also... I felt my waist band today.. and my new jeans.. I think they are a little bit loose now... I am not going to rush out and get a smaller pair.. but.. sooon.. I actually am losing zero weight though. I am 177.5 right now. Same as I have been for weeks. Oh well. Today is an off day. Tomorrow Pushups. Saturday a 20 minute run. Crazy!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Nice Night

I am proud of myself for getting up and doing Week 1 Day 2 of the 100 Situp Challenge. I did this after drinking last night and possibly desecrating holy ground. Fuck ya life is looking up! Tonight I have the 8-minute runs and this weekend a full 20-minutes. Mary is back too! I love Mary!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Correct Social Ettiquette

I was walking into work today and this REALLY spanking hot blonde starts walking in front of me. She was smokkin'. Obviously I am checking her out when I notice her leg has a line of blood on it. I guess she cut herself shaving. So what do you do in that situation? Should you tell her she is so hot you would lick the blood off her thighs? Do you ignore it? I tell ya I am no good in these social situations.

Week 5 Day One is in the books for jogging. I am sore a lot. However the runs are good and not painful. MY breathing is strong. I am supposed to do my pushup routine tonight. Might not get to it because I have things to do. If I can not do it when I get home then I will just get it in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night's jog is 2 8 minute intervals. Longest I have run yet. End of the week I will be putting in twenty straight minutes. Hard to beleive I can do this but I feel good about it.

Poker is the meh. I enjoyed my nice HOSE win. It catapulted me back up to 280ish. I won a few SNGs to get just under 300 then dropped around fifty before coming back to land at 265.

I think my HOSE win had some good things involved in it. Playing heads up this guy called every raise I made in the LHE portion and he was killing my hands like AK or QQ with 96o. I felt myself getting steamed. I took a step back and told myself "If he is calling every raise you can exploit this". I calmed the fuck down. Stopped calling his BS raises with my crap hands and played tight and aggressive. I was able to come back from my huge deficit and crush the guy.

Last night was a mixed bag. I was totally not cool all night. Retard with 88 calls my big raise for over 1/2 his chips. I have AA. He obviously flops an 8 and do I fold there with 600 chips left? Of course I can not. Fucktard shoulda either jammed or bailed for that much pre-flop. So I kept calling people fuckheade shit eating monkey fucking cocksucker all night. Not very good. Luckily I only really felt like playing three games and I took second in the last one.

I definitely need to play more like the first guy not the second one. Will it ever happen? Fuck if I know. At least I am not mortgaging my house to pay off gambling bills. It will always be a hobby for me. Hopefully a more profitable one instead of a break even one someday.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fucking Ingrate Women

Every once in a while I get it into my head to try to fix something around the house. Now I really suck at this. I am no Stb. However I keep trying. This weekend I decided to fix two broken windows. So I measure the windows go in..... and find out I am suppose to take the wooden frames OFF before I measure. Um. Oops.

Sooo I go back and remeasure and get the glass. I fix the first window pretty well. Still have to find a hammer for one tack that I messed up... but basically a good job. I then start scraping caulk off for the second window.. Get ready to place the glass in...... and figure out I fucked up the size. I think I said 11 3/8th and it probably should be 12. Possibly 11 7/8. To be fair I was on top of a shaky ladder making these measurements. Until I figured out I could open the side window and just lean over.

See why I do not do these things. SO I may go get the other pane of glass tonight. Harveys is closed but I can hit up Ace. I am kind of under motivated to do this. I have been going all day.

Started the day with 100 Pushups program. I did 6/6/4/4/5 pushups. I get 1 minute break in between the sets. It has been good but right now when I do them I can barely lift my arms over my head. I then went out shopping for the house. Did the windows. Been moving around all day and I am pretty beat.

The thing I HATE about my wife is she is such an ingrate. I go shopping and if I miss an item it's like wah wah wah. She fucking is too lazy to do a proper list. I mean when I am putting the third jar of peanut butter in the cabinet you just did not fucking look. So whine whine whine about the groceries. Whine whine whine that I left some dust behind near the window I started fixing. Bitch just needs to shut up. Jesus.

I know women who really know how to treat men right. It is not that they need to give us steak and blowjobs every day. Now that would be nice. It really is the little things. Saying how manly looking your getting. Thanking you for doing a job. Just generally supporting your man. Women like that are worth a zillion dollars. I am glad I know at least one of them.