Saturday, June 30, 2007

12yr Olds Not Allowed

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* fucking (5x)
* fuck (3x)
* dead (2x)
* cunt (1x)

Wish me luck peeps..

7:04 - 197 of 382 at the first break. 3880 chips. Just below average by 700 chips. SO far feeling great. Playing well. The game has not started yet though. The blinds are too low for the poker to begin.. this is the weeding out of the donks.

7:54 - Out in like 200th place or something. I lost a hand with QQ vs AA in which I made a good laydown.. then I jammed 78h against someone who raised big and had queens.. lol.. oh welll.. I probably should have let that one go.. I thought he might fold something weak or it might be a race. Oh well.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hoy and I played a hand. He had 55. I had AK s000ted diamonds. I raised half my stack(pot). He jammed. I called. I made a flush draw on the turn. He won. He said he wanted to go to bed. I was fine with both our plays. He knew I was not folding. He is smarter than that. He either wanted to gamble or go to bed or whatever. I do not think he actually jams there normally but it is an ok move. I went out in 7th or something.. I dunno. I play that hand the same way every time. I am fine with his push and my call. I win the hand and I have the chip lead. He wins and he does. It was a nice poker hand. Poker is all about made hands vs draws and getting in at a 2% disadvantage is nothing to be ashamed of nor is re-raising all in with a 2% advantage. Good game Hoyazo.

Sick Sick Sick Night

DDionysus AKA PokahDave was the capper on a fucking horrendous night that saw me playing and trapping people for all of their chips multiple times only to lose.

Our hand was really simple. He had 90 chips committed to the pot. It was early. He should have folded. First small mistake is raising AQ. Stupid weak hand that should not be raised. Second MUCH LARGER mistake.. instead of folding to my jam he calls with AQ. People I just want to ask: Are you such bad players that 40% is the best you can get your money in at? It turns out he was dominated when I turned over AK.. Of course domination is never enough and the AQ on the flop practically sealed the deal.. by the river I was out early losing my prop bet with Bayne.

I think I *maybe* call an all in with AQ if I am deep in a large MTT and have very few chips. Possibly. I will say though "Fold Equity".. I.E. The extra +EV expectation you get because many times people will fold when you jam your AK does not exist in donkeyments. I guess I had not played Dave enough to know if he was a no-foldem donk or someone who could lay down a hand. Now I know. It is bad to jam AK into people who can never fold. Even if they do have AQ.. which was great to see for about five seconds... man I sometimes think I am writing for a remedial poker class.

I later played the 75/token race.. I chip up early when my KJ is better than QJ on a Jxx flop. In these token races I am willing to get felted early with TPTK. These people are just so willing to die with nothing. So I chip up to nearly 6K early.. then an even bigger donkey than Dave does this. Early position short stack raises.. this guy re-raises.. I jam with JJ... and he calls all of his chips off.. WITH FUCKING AJo!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?! How do you fucking people even breath? I have no idea.. So anyway when he runner-runner's the straight.. I am back down to 4K.. and when my queens are outrun by AK.. again calling an all in.. I am down to 2K.. ick.. However many more people are out..

I kept seeing bloggers at my tables.. Schaubs, Island Bum, and finally I got put on Smokkee's table. Smokkee made a potentially dumb move to get knocked out of the tourney. With like eight people left and not enough chips to survive the EP guy jams all his chips in.. and Smokkee re-jams all of his chips. Now normally I like this move with any nice drawing hand.. but it was into my SB.. and I had like 460 chips to call off with a chance to triple up.. yeah.. I am never folding there. So unlucky for Smokkee we turn over KT for EP jam.. 56 s0000ted for Smokkee.. and K6 offs00t for me. DOMINATED! I end up beating Smokkee and losing to the EP guy to make a few bucks. In one way jamming there is good but with two people absolutely in the hand thats a hard one to win unless you flop perfect..

So here I am sitting at the bubble in this token myself.. in the EP with the blinds coming to knock me out.. and I look down and see........ the PokerDave.. AQo baby.. So I say fuck it.. I need the chips and if I lose so be it.. So I JAM in ep and get called five ways. I am on the bybble here people.. the cash prize for this tourney which I would earn if I lost was: one dollah! Sucky sucky! So much to my surprise the flop comes AQx with two hearts and the 5 seat JAMS the flop.. everyone folds and he turns over A5.. and is drawing dead after the turn.

The whole table erupts into berating the guy. I myself am happy because I now have 7K in chips and am all but guaranteed a token. I totally agree with the table but I was happy to be protected by a donkey. I felt loved and nurtured. So I won my token and will be using that particular one for the last BPT event: The Big Game! Starts this Sunday. It would be nice to win this one. It is the only event on the circuit I have not won and is the one I probably most want to win. Should be fun anyways.

I played a little cash last night too.. 50/NL.. Did not catch any cards.. was down eleven at one point in time and ended the night down three after I raise pre-flop.. the flop comes AQx. I have AK and the shortie jams for eight more. I cold call and he turns over QJ.. Not bad.

Tonight I will be playing the Riverchasers event. See you there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Two - No Poker

It is a marathon.. I hope to return to poker tonight in the MoooooooooooooooooooK!

Good article on Poker News today about Vinny Vinh.

I liked the part about.. "The greatest players experience personal, financial, and emotional swings that mere mortals can only sit back, witness, and possibly imagine. "..

I am well on my way to the dysfunctional poker mind.

My Au Pair is a fucking donkey. She is terrible with kids. As much as she fuels my fantasy life.. picturing her in her cute white mini skirt bending over.. and well, anyways.. if she ever wakes me up at 2AM again it better be with her tongue on my cock because I am tired and grumpy this morning. Kids these days.

I ended up last night working on a side project. Side work is major +EV. I make about six bucks an hour more doing it and it gives me a chance to do something different. I just got called in for two projects at my old place.. and someone I used to work with set me up with a possible project with a new client. chhaaaaa ching! Should be fun.

Bayne must go down today. I am preparing my most potent Waffles curse for him tonight and it should knock him out early. I do not think he will last more then ten spots tonight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Skipped the Hoy

I skipped the Hoyazo last night in order to let my son stay up late and watch Holes. The Wicked Wife of the West would not let him stay up and watch it alone so I sacrificed my standings in the BPT to let the kid watch a movie. Ah well. I guess I am getting soft in my old age. I will be at the Mookie on Wednesday. Been playing a lot more cash games lately. I have no idea why. I guess I am getting somewhat tired of SNGs. Cashed in another MTT. Still no big score but I think if I keep playing it will come. It is hard to play these MTTs during the weekday because unlike some people I actually have to get up in the morning and be somewhat functional at work. Although I really think I need to play every night to have a chance at a good score. Unless I do not mind waiting a year for it to happen which might be alright. Oh well.

Chad has a nice post about playing in the 26K MTT.. It is like he read my mind. Exactly how I play.. One thing I have to get better at though is the re-steal. In some ways I am not sure what he says about re-stealing in these donkeyments is true.
I think it all depends.. but I have seen such horrendous calls that I would think the re-steal would be a good way to get busted unless you get lucky.

For example.. in the last donkeyment. I see two large 20K stacks. We are about five from the money. The EP huge stack raises and is instantly re-raised all in by the button huge stack. The EP huge stack insta calls. Now hear what I just said: "INSTA CALLS". No thought. No pause. No delay. I got the best fucking hand in the world and I am going to call an all in because you are SO dominated. The hand? KJo. He was up against Aces. While 78 spades is not destroyed by KJo.. it is a little worse than a coinflip and for better or worse, depending on what cards you get, your pushing range is going to be seen a super loose to the table until you get a change.

Not saying the re-steal is a bad move in these, in fact it is a necessary tool, but you have to be very careful as you will be called by some people with weak hands that never should make those calls. Make sure you know who you are making this play against and make sure they fall somewhere in the middle of tight and stupid.

Catch you later

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I want to congratulate Chad on his successful frontal lobotomy. His short term memory has been totally erased or he just does not know what "I am not talking to you" means.. Possibly he is just stupid. I dunno. I guess he just can not resist me in some gay obsessed homo way that is.. While we are on the subject and I know he does not owe anyone an answer.. but why is he going to be a pussy and not play the ME? He won a seat. He is not playing. I thought he won a ton of money playing poker.. oh well..

Then there is OSU giving good ole poker advice about MTTs when his average ROI is like -75%.. At least there is hope. If a fucknut like him who obviously can not play MTTs and on a good month has a -80% ROI can actually cash in an MTT then it should be easy for the rest of us.

Finally Jeccimd. He cashed! I think the whole "Jecii" cant cash thing got way out of hand and I am glad he finally got that stone off of his neck. Just for the record unlike OSU I think Jeciimd is a good player. I just think he could benefit from opening his game up a little more especially towards the middle-end game.

Finally congrats to Dr. Pauly for a deep score in the WSOP. He finished up like 119th. Good job man!

Been Busy..

Playing some cash.. But here is some entertainment for you..

You Tube #1
You Tube #2

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Waffles, I am no longer speaking to you after this. You are a waste of flesh in my opinion, and a worthless poker player. I have no need or desire to talk with you about poker because you are a bad player who has nothing to offer to a conversation about poker. You and Carmen are perfect buddies, both worthless cunts in my opinion. I will still read your blog though because I take pleasure in your constant losing ways......

I can not tell you how this made me feel.. I cried.. I doubted.. I almost gave up poker. I had to ask Carmen is she really was a cunt.. In the end I will trudge through and.. *sniff* survive..

I had an interesting hand with Bayne last night in the donkeyment and I think Don would like how I played it but we will see..

The setup. I have 30K in chips and look down and see a T9h. I call one limpers bet and then Big Bad Bayne comes out firing for 3K more. So with the 800 blinds.. the pot was 6K and I have to call off 3K.

Here is my thinking. Bayne is saying "Hey I got two big pockets and I want you gone".. So while the expense of the hand is high I have him on a range that is probably AA-JJ.. maybe AK but doubtful. He has 10K behind. So I have a shot at adding 50% to my already large stack. It costs me something to call.. but I can easily fold if I miss.. if I flop hard I can stack him. Knowing what your opponent has is A BIG ADVANTAGE.

So the flop comes T97. Best flop ever. I check into Bayne knowing he has to Jam with over cards and he obliges. I call and he rivers a K. So I get him to commit all of his stack with about 20% chance to win. I would have rather a straight or flush flopped but that is neither here or there.. SO any comments?

Personally I think this is a good deep stack poker type hand and would do it again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Katitude Donkeyment

Katitudes Donkeyment is tonight. 'Nuff said.

Crazy Night at the 26K

Holy fuck is that a donkfest. I had a decent time. I got pocket pairs 5 times in the first half hour.. nice ones like Jacks, Queens, Tens, and Kings and ok a baby pair of sevens.. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WAS AGAINST BIGGER PAIRS. Holy fuck was poker out to get me last night. So after losing a bunch on these hands and sucking out once jacks vs kings on a T84 board.. I was down to a chip and a chair.. ok, well, 400 chips.. Normally I like giving up here because man was I fuming.

Instead I took a few breaths.. sat out a few hands.. called to the calm that I find so illusive in poker.. and settled down to play. I chipped up and did not get too crazy and finally found myself on the the money bubble and past. I finished up in 100th place or so with an interesting play..

I have about 12K in chips after pulling off two decent steals. I am in the SB and the blinds are I think 800/400 with an ante. They may have been a little higher. So when it is HU between me and the BB and I have pocket sixes I decide to raise pot. This leave me with 8K. The BB thinks for 3 seconds and JAMS his entire stack in.

I consider. I figure he is just mad at me raising his blind and likely does not have a great hand. I am guessing we are racing. Because no matter what he has I am likely racing. So I say "Ok let's gamble" and call.. He shows Ace.. eight.. offsuit.. and I go home for the night.

So is this a spot where you gamble and try and get a 24K stack and make a deeper run or where your deep enough that you fold and wait for a better situation. I keep running into instances like that.. where I know I am ahead but only slightly.. like 60/40.. I am in the money.. I am somewhat deep.. and I decide the right move is to gamble and try and make a stack. Is this what the big players do? Iak? Hoy? Or do they pick a better spot? I tend to think that winning players consider it "Just another MTT" and gamble here when they think they are ahead.. am I wrong?

** EDIT: Please when commenting do not consider what the other person "possibly" could have. I trust my read here that he has no pair. I know I will never convince anyone that this is true so lets just assume we can see his cards. So if the cards are face up and you see he has A8 what is your move.

Anyway.. feeling good about my game. I screwed up my internet connection last night installing my new router. I need to get that fixed quick. If I do I am playing in the 50/50 tonight.. otherwise I will have to find a different game.

Good luck to most of you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

White Tower Rotten Core

Ahh yes the battle with Chad continues on.. where was I hmm.. Let's see oh yeah.. I was on the money bubble of the 26K MTT that he went out in 441st place in and he pops his little squirrelly head in. Starts berating and raging on me saying how he can not wait to see me go out. So let me get this straight. You are such a great poker player. You have so much confidence in your game that you have to come and rail a, in your words, "5$ SNG player"..

Chad let me give you a little clue.. you are a little judgmental boy who never grew up. You have no confidence in yourself so you have to follow people around and try and throw them off their game to make yourself feel like.. a man? pfft. You are a little little boy who sees the world through childish black and white lines. You have no confidence in yourself. Even with all of your success.

You feel the need to laugh at how I look? Dude go for it. Because unlike you I have confidence. In myself. I do not need some child to make me feel good or bad I am enough for me. I like how I look. I would not mind losing a few pounds but I am happy with me. If I did not I would never be able to post that amusing picture.

You said I did not talk to you during the blogger thing.. well I guess I missed out huh? So that makes me shy and introverted. Your a genius. When I get around people I like I open up and share myself with them. Otherwise I am content with myself. I do not feel the need to chat or run a conversation I am totally happy to sit back and enjoy whatever is going on around me.. and if I chose to let it all out then I do that.

Someday maybe you will grow up and understand that it is ok to be Chad. You will finally like yourself and have confidence. I look forward to that day.. until then keep pretending and hating yourself. It seems to work for you.

BuddyDonk WGHEY Appearance

I had a fun time doing the BuddyDonk show on WGHEY last night. Those guys are pretty funny. I think we all kind of petered off towards the end of the night as exhaustion fell. I had a totally unremarkable night besides that. I broke even for the night with an extra 26-token to my name and the Mookie all paid for.

It could have been much better if my 8's were not sucked out on by LJ's quad sevens on the flop.. all in pre-flop.. or if Instant Tragedy had not sucked out BIGTIME all in pre-flop again against me.. or if my jam on the turn with the best hand had not been rivered by a runner gutshot.. but thus is my life and why I have to be ten times better than most people just to break even. I can dodge bullets baby.

Every time Chad opens his mouth I am amazed at the stupid shit that comes out of it. Just goes to show you do not have to be smart to win at poker or something like that.. Let's take a few of his stupid comments and see how full of shit he is.

1. I have never seen you deep in any major MTT.

Well right off the bat he starts off being full of shit as we both were very very deep in the 50/50 together at the same table.

2. Smokkee is a woman basically

If I said Smokkee is a woman I apologize.. to the women!! For the insult! Even Smokkee must realize that he has been playing in his own words "maybe a little tight".. I will continue to ride Smokkee until he gets back to his donkey self and starts winning MTTs again.

3. Astin is weak

This is an example of him not getting the shit out of his ears from his ass being up his head. I said Astin was tight. Nothing I saw last night said anything different. Read his blog. He went deep because he got smacked in the face with the deck. He actually reminds me of some of the mistakes I tend to lean towards.. waiting for monster cards.. then overplaying them to the extreme. I always have to pull myself away from this style of play in MTTs.

4. Abusing the timebank does not effect good players

Such a stupid comment. If I get to play 2 hands and hour and you get to see 50 because your table is actually playing and mine is stalling then obviously your going to have far more chance to catch a good hand or outplay someone at some point and get the chips you DESPERATELY need for a run to the final table. Learn a little about the game donkey.

5. he has similar stats in MTTs that I do

Now on the face of it this seems like Waffles ranting and spewing off nonsense but let us look deeper into the number.

June: 67% ROI 10% ROI
May: 22% ROI 388% ROI
April: -15% ROI -27% ROI
March: 37% ROI -50% ROI
February: -10% ROI 14% ROI
January: -83% ROI 26% ROI
December: 33% ROI 26% ROI
November: 10% ROI 36% ROI

So which is which? We each have about the same amount of winning months.. Obviously one month is extremely bad for one of us and one month is amazingly good. If you compare the stats player one beats player two for 5 of the last 8 months. Wow! So that must be Chad right? Wrong! It is ME! I am better. See people? ROI is the bottom line. How much are you making on your investment.

Now why does Chad seem to win all this ton of money.. It is the same as any other MTT donkey that you hear winning all the time. They play A TON of game. Chad happens to play full time for a living. In the past eight months he has probably played 1000x more games than I have.. He also plays for higher stakes because he has decided to be serious about the game and invest more into it.

I on the other hand create systems for a living. I make a good amount of money doing it and I enjoy it. If you are not a programmer you can not really understand how fun it is to be in the zone and coding away and seeing these words you type come to life and do things. It is really an amazing job.

I intend to play more events and of higher monetary values in the coming months and while I can not spend my entire day playing a game like Chad can and giving the other player swirlies in the bathroom I think that my results will continue to be better than his and the money from big scores will start flowing in.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fucking up Bikers is Fun!

This is just sad. While I think that biker is arrogant, and even if he was legally correct he probably should have just listened to the officer THERE IS NO WAY THAT LEVEL OF BRUTALITY IS WARRANTED. Just really sad.


When you go deep and come really close the next day is always bitter sweet. You can really fuck with yourself trying to second guess the hand that took you out. I think in hindesite the hand could be played either way. You could fold and hope to catch a good hand later AND hope it holds up.. you could wait and try to steal Chads blind (probably dangerous).. or you could go with your read and take the coinflip to get the chips to go a bit deeper. I really can not fault my play here. If the cards were face up and I have an M of 4ish and see his K7 I make this play. Sure I could have waited and jammed someone from position and possibly this is the right move. Who knows. See analysis is a total mind fuck.

I possibly overreacted to Chad chanting k!k!k!k! too.. if he was rooting against me then that is classless. I am more than happy to hear someone rip my play if they think I did something wrong.. and god knows I will tell you if I think you played badly.. but I am also the first guy there to cheer my fellow bloggers on when they go deep. I have railed and cheered on my cyber compatriots in numerous games and I think doing anything else is retarded. If I misunderstood what you were saying then I apologize Chad else your an asshole. Either way is good.

I am also thinking the real secret to a win is a GREAT music track. I won one of my biggest hands when BuddyDonk radio (WGHEY) was playing that "Im gonna knock you out" song.. I was singing along pointing to the Donk I wanted to knock out and two hands later I flop the nut flush with a sf backup draw against his overpair of queens. I play it perfectly (I guess) and he gives me over 6K in chips. Music baby! That is the secret!!

Here is what I do not understand what the fuck is Smokkee doing talking smack to me? I mean I did not see you there? Hello? Did you not bomb out WAY the fuck earlier? In all honestly you probably bombed out because you have lost your nerve. I mean I read your post today and I was like "Is that Smokkee?"..

for instance, in the MATH i pick up QQ in the cutoff. blinds are 100/200 and i'm sitting on 4k in chips. NewinNov minraises UTG. this usually screams monster. but, in blonkaments u just never know. i call, BB calls. flop comes Ace high and all hell breaks lose. obv, i fold. Nov had AQsooted and i woulda lost a bunch of chips.

I mean your fucking joking right? This is like April fools early? You would be upset at getting all your chips in pre-flop against AQ???!?!?! With QQ? If your going to play scared like that you probably should just nut peddle the cash games..

i feel like i'm playing well. maybe a bit on the conservative side sometimes.

Dude in all honesty and as someone who really likes you I do think your playing WAYYYY too conservatively from what I have seen. I even saw you limp Jacks because "I did not want to make the pot too big pre-flop"... Why don't you just limp Aces and lay them down to pressure on a J72 rainbow flop because "Someone might have hit a set"...

We all get caught up in the mind fuck of what could have been and what might be but in the end you have to play your hands hard as well as smart and let the cards fall. If you expect to lose you will.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fifty Fifty Fawk

Well on the good side I turned fifteen bucks into 230 or so.. on the bad side I went out in 32nd place before the really good money kicked in. A guy tried to steal with K7, raised 8K.. I jammed for my remaining 20K.. he called off half his stack with a shitty hand and my shitty A2 got rivered. The blinds were 2400/1200 with an Ante.. so it was not the worse push ever especially since I thought he was stealing. On the other hand I could have probably waited and jammed on a blind hand and chipped up easier. I dunno. IS there a wrong move with that few chips left?

On the bad side it was very nice of Chad to cheer the other guy on. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Thanks to the bloggers who railed me.

Two Donkey Sunday

So I went to see Shrek III this weekend. Liked it a lot. I thought it was much better than Shrek II. I was rolling in my seat at times and while the plot was a little weak it was a fun movie and kept me interested throughout.

What the hell is up with going out these days though. I swear I may turn communist. I mean I like the capitalistic environment we live in for the most part.. but it cost like eighty bucks for a family of four to see one stupid hour and a half long movie. Once you finish with the popcorn, drinks, candy, and any other assorted food. It is insane. I mean it is a fucking kernel of corn. How the hell can it cost 3.50 for a bag? I can not even imagine being poor in this day and age. It is so hard just being middle class that I can not even fathom what lower income people deal with. Crazy. Do not even get me started with Baseball either..

After seeing the Donkey from Shrek I railed Fuel in his Donkelishish quest for a WSOP entry. Well the LAGtard finally made it and nine hours later with me begging the game to be over our boy is going to the WSOP. Hopefully he will get Laggalishishy lucky once again and score some good coin at this thing. Good luck man!

While he was playing the WSOP qualifier I was getting some of my grove back taking a couple of seconds in 6.60's and going 7 for 8 in HU play. I just rocked the HU play last night. The one game I lost I made a very bad call on. A guy slow played kings and I over called with top pair. Oh well. He was a losing retard anyways.

One nice call I think I made was on a KT9xx board. The flop came K9x. Dude bets out. I cold call. Turn T. He bets big. I cold call. He jams his entire stack in on the river. I cold call. On the face of it having a nine here is just bad play right? I mean I had 3rd pair facing a ton of aggression. However I really felt his betting was out of line. It made no sense at all. So I made the calls for my entire stack on the fourth hand of the game.. and.. he had pocket 4's.. I finished him up 3 hands later. I love making great reads.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekends Suck

Carmen has another fashion at the WSOP article. She did not judge the giant orange.. if I was in the WSOP of course I would win best dressed. You fuckers don't know muscles when you see them! Sheesh.

The weekends for some reason or other are fucked up at Full Tilt. After going like 7-10 with mostly first place wins I went 2-6 with both being third. Massive suckouts. This Sunday I am 1 for 1 so far with a second. Hopefully I can get back to form.

Why no good Media on Media prop bets reported so far? I wanna bet Pauly that he would not cover a full day of the WSOP in a Dress. Just think of the stories you could get other people to tell you once they found out it was a prop bet. Haha! Ok. I got nothing. Peace.

Oh yeah almost forgot.. My days of Waffle's porn are over. We are getting our new au pair in for the summer to take care of the kiddies. While I hope au pair means "I like to swallow gallons of American sperm".. I kinda think it might not.. so I will have to be good for a little while. Oh well.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Some rumblings around the I-Net about E=Passport withdrawal issues. I have no comment on this but be aware that withdrawals to US banks have been halted for a day or so due to an undetermined issue. More to come later.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I hate fucking snot nosed brats. 'Nuff said. Your all just lucky I placed 1,1,1,1,2,9 in my SNGs tonight or I would really be mad. I would have taken another first if it was not for Mr. Dreamy's wife.

My new PC has a camera.. Waffles Porn..

Ok I got nothing else.. I will probably play the Katitude Donkfest tomorrow night. If you have never played this 1$ rebuy it is FUNNNNNNNNNYYY!!!

Mookie you fuck

Haha Just Kidding man! The Mookie has really not been my game this year. Of all of the blogger tourneys the Mookie and Big Game have eluded me this year. Not sure why. Anyhow.. Last night was no different. I really just had terrible luck.. first hand SB vs BB and I have K2 vs Q6.. flop comes KQ6. Hello? I lost a few bucks when it boated on the river and was down to 1100 or so.

Next sweet hand.. CoxLover limps KQ in ep then calls a raise.. I guess he had odds or something to play a shit hand.. and he did hit a 3-outer against my queen.. retard. I then go up and down but never really get anything going. On_Thg was nice enough to donate some chips when I jammed JJ and he called with AJ.. to be fair I was very short.

Finally I decide to jam against Gordo's LP raise. The donkey calls with 44 and I can not catch either of my over cards. I go home early. Oh well. I played a 6.60 SNG and dominated that which paid for my entries in the Mookie and Dookie and a few bucks profit on the night to boot.

The Dookie was fun. In Razz MTTs it really gets down to who is getting luckiest at the end. The blinds get so huge that any hand you play commits you to the pot. I ended up going out sixth. Not a bad show but no money.

Tonight I will be playing the Riverchasers and probably some more SNGs. Good luck.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Donkey Rules.. Long Live the Donkey

So when I had last left you I had a slight slide. Not all was bad as I got to play some poker with a guy I have been waiting years to meet: BAD BLOOD! He was a cool guy and I wish I had spent more time with him. Vegas is funny. If you stay for just a weekend there is no way to do EVERYTHING you want.. So last time I came I socialized and this time I played Poker.. Who knows what is going to happen next time.

So with the next day coming up I decided to follow MiamiDon to the Rio and get my first taste of 2/5 NLHE. It was interesting for sure. I ended up seated with at least two players who play 5/10 NLHE at least semi regular. One was a dumb punk kid we will call Doofus. He honestly probably made money playing his game but I did not see any skill in his play. It was totally ABC and very unimpressive.

The other was the woman of my dreams. She was sexy as hell wearing her black T-Shirt, No Bra.. and stretching.. for me.. every once in a while. Picture this lovely lady reaching her hands behind her chair and pulling her body taunt. Yummy! I know she wanted me. Man could she play this game too. Now part of my opinion is obviously formed because she hit nearly every flop and ended up with hands like straight flushes vs sets and things like that. However I could tell she had skillz and I was suitably impressed.

The guy in the first seat gets the AlCantHang: Rolled by a Hooker award as he told us about this one 240 pound hooker that reached down his pants and as he battled her off his money clip went missing. Congrats!

So I sat down at the table with my 400 buyin and decided I would play strong. I would fold hands. I would play a great game. The first two hands I am in an Asian lady re-raises me and I have to fold. So when I lead out with my AJ and she slides 100 more over I assume she is playing me again. So I JAM my stack in she has 100 left and instantly calls.. and turns over JJ..

Now even though our buddy says that hand is good he is full of shit. I ended up flopping a straight draw.. and the straight completed runner-runner but to the six, for a split pot. Better than losing!!!

I had one good hand against my Angel where I thought I picked up on a betting pattern. I had T5o and the flop comes Txx. She bets out 35 which was her standard bet. She did not always c-bet but enough to take down pots. I cold called with my middle pair weak ass kicker. The turn comes a jack. Normally when she had a good hand she would bring out an intimidating stack of a hundred or so.. So when she bet out seventy I decided to play back at her and re-raise another 100. She must have not had anything since she folded. She may have had a better ten. She is a player though and is not going to go crazy with second pair.

Eventually I started losing small pots where she would bet out her thirty five and I would call to see if I could catch a good hand on the turn. She would then bring out her hundred and I would have to fold. Sometimes I folded weak top pairs. She was running over me. I started to get pissed off at my play and soon found myself somehow down to my last fifty.

It was at this time I decided to call upon the Donkey Gods to save my ass. The first donkey hand I played I raise a pair of kings pre-flop and get called by this pony tail fucker. The flop comes AQJ giving me a straight draw. I jam the rest in representing the Ace and you know what he calls me with? Fucking A2o. What the fuck? So I was not all that sad when I turned the ten for the winning hand.

I chipped up on a few nice pots back to 200ish and then put my fonkey donkey back on and played out this hand. The Doofus limps in EP. I look down and see AJ s000ted Hearts in LP so I raise it to 20 to take it down. He re-jams me for 60 more. I think what kind of hand limp jams? I guessed maybe a small pair.. so I decide to try and push him off the hand.. and I jam my entire stack in. He calls and flips over AK! ARG!

Wait my friends this is not a normal Waffles story. The flop comes JJx 1 heart. The turn is a heart the river is a.. you guessed it.. heart.. BOOYAH! He said nice catch, and the I decide to tilt him. I say nice limp. He was like I had you where I wanted you.. and I am like ya but you could have won the hand instead. He was FUMING and dieing to get into any pot with me.

I saw many of the peeps walking around the Rio. I saw CC rushing off god knows where in some Orange shirt. He looked like a giant Sunkist. Heh. Carmen was working her tail off all day at the Rio covering the Ladies Event and stopped by to tell me Don had left and would come back later for me. This made me slightly nervous about missing my plane. Weak came by to warm me about the Doofus who plays 5/10. Finally it was time to go and I racked up my 400 in chips and felt lucky.

It is days like that day where I am constantly reminded that the best play does not always win. It is in fact very often that the best play does not win. Poker is a game of skill.. but it is also a game of luck.. and the sooner you realize this the better off you will be. I also paid a lot of attention to my Angel in seat 10 and learned a ton. I have ideas on adjusting my cash game especially my starting hand selection. I also have decided I need to let hands that I am not willing to call a raise with go. Even if I am ahead in the hand. The idea of poker is not to be right it is to win. Sometimes being right costs you way too much money. Anyway.. I have things to consider and mull over.

The flight home was pretty uneventful. I did fall asleep on the corner of the window and ended up having a red line through my head for most of the day. Ouch. I was also dehydrated from Vegas and got some nice cramps last night. You know the ones. Wake up from sleep in total agony until your calf stop trying to rip itself from the bone.

All in all I enjoyed myself and the 400 lost at the tables was worth the experience. I got to see a lot of old friends and meet some new ones. Vegas is always a blast and one of these years I am going to get out there for a week. Until then I will see you at the Mookie tonight. Yes. I got a new computer. Bayne is dooooomed!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I should have known to quit for the day after my third place finish. I mean cmon. The signs were all there.. After a massive suckout I should have known my luck was going to be poor for the day.. but I was there to gamble and have fun. So after we packed it in at the Shitty Orleans we hurried back over to the MGM.

This would be my first look at Iak in almost a year.. and let me tell you people he has been replaced by his lesser known cousin: Fatiakaris. Unlike his cool relative who flew up into the sun and burned his wings off seeking glory this one tried to make it to the sun, after a few bounces he dragged his sweating fat ass off to the dunkin donuts where the only thing he was going to get burned by was the giant coffee he dunked his double jelly in. Fuck man.. tell that work of yours to give you a few hours off so you can get your sorry ass on the treadmill.

All kidding aside it was great to see you brotha! I sat down and played my usual cash game. Which is to say I either win small or lose a buyin. I really need to adjust my game A TON and I think I know how now but more on that later.

One hand that screwed me on the turn was against Chad. I raised my 33 in late position and he cold called me. The flop came 996 and I was pretty sure he had none of that. I bet out 25 into the 30 dollar pot and he cold calls. So now we have an eighty dollar pot. The turn brings and Ace. He checks and I am pretty sure he has an Ace. I check behind. He value bets the river and his AK holds. The final board was A9966 and I called his $40 value bet BECAUSE I thought he might be playing the board. I think there was a fair chance that this board makes a split pot. Unfortunately he sucked out on the turn.. As a 37% dog he did not make a huge mistake but I do not think he made enough on the river to justify that call. I also think a certain percentage of the time he is beat by the 9 and maybe should have folded the flop? I dunno. Good hand I guess?

Anyway.. the one big hand that I busted out on could have made my day. I was in a pot cheap with QJd and the flop comes KQTx two diamonds. So in addition to an open ender I have second pair ok kicker and the second nut flush draw. The guy in early position a REALLY good solid player bets out and the guy next to him JAMS in for his entire stack. WOW! So here I am getting close to 3:1 might have the best hand.. might have the best draw.. It just seems like a great place to get my money in. So I jam. The guy who initially raised lets it go. He would later tell me he folded Kx no draw. The next two cards come and I see the diamond on the river. I think this is a good card for me… but NOOOOOOOOO the fucktard in the second seat who jammed it all in had A4, no made hand, decent draw. ARGG! I was steaming after that. Down one buyin.

So I decide to play some video blackjack with LoveElf.. we chat a little.. and goof around.. Bayne tells us his secrets to winning blackjack.. I knew I liked him for some reason.. and we have a good time. We then decide to go play some real blackjack and roulette. Which did not turn out as well. Our table sucked and I was like the only person for the entire round to make a pass as I rolled a seven coming out the door in my first ever craps roll. Down second buyin.

My third buyin went out the door on what I consider a cooler of a hand. I had AJd and flopped top two pair on a AJ2 board.. I get it all in and the guy turns over 22.. Seeing how he had played up until now I really thought I was good.. but nooooooo… so anyway I was down $400 on my second day in Vegas. I hear Smokkee had problems with the lucks ass fish too. Oh well. It was good to play with him a bit.

I heard great reports of LJ running all over the tables at the MGM. She is a really good player from what I have heard and went deep in the Ladies WSOP tourney. She seems like a really nice person and I wish I actually had seen her play a little.

I also had to wait until MiamiDon was ready to leave around 4AM. I fell asleep on the table while the crew of Don, Hoy, Chad, Ick, and probably others my sleep deprived mind has forgotten ate breakfast. Finally I got to bed for my second night in Vegas feeling a little disappointed. I was determined to play 2/5 NL the next day at the Rio though. I thought it would be a good experience and I was sort of right.

Next Episode: The Donkey Rules.. Long Live the Donkey

Monday, June 11, 2007

Menage a trois Final Table

When I last left you I was in cleavage heaven enjoying myself and even winning some money. I woke up early on Saturday actually around 9AM. I think it was because Don had left the AC off. Cheapskate!!!

So I watched some TV trying to waiting for people to wake up. I got to watch a little bit of John Carpenters: Vampires. I watched all of Open Water. Pretty good movie. I also watched the beginning of HellBoy. I really liked the animation on that one. Finally the lazy people stirred and we eventually got going. If you have never seen Carmen getting ready in the morning you are missing something good! Heh. Nice robe hottie!

We get to the Orleans and go to signup but we are told by the rude manager to come back at 1:30. dick. Actually that was just the beginning of him being a total tool but more of that later. After a quick bite to eat we get signed up. I finally get to meet Iron Girl! I love her!! She never stops talking. It is great. I got to see Dr. Pauly as he was taking the day off to play with us. Grubby was there too. I was told he was not coming but he showed up.

I really can not remember too much of the early game. I had a tough table draw. I do remember Astin picking up a lot of pots and being very aggressive. This is not a bad idea because the blinds and ante’s went up every fifteen minutes. The game became a push fest turbo quickly and I felt like I was micro stacked most of the game. However I did not let this concern me. After Astin got popped off by a hand he actually KNEW his opponent had but called anyways.. his stack was diminished and he shut down totally. He never played another hand really. I have no idea if he just was getting zero cards or what.

I had a couple of table changes. Never saw any real premium cards but my good hands held up. I made a good amount of chips semi re-stealing against Statik when he raised in EP. I jammed all in with AQ. The structure was so poor that I had to. He eventually folded and told me he had AJ. AJ is golden and this was a poor fold.

Before the table broke I ended up busting Grubby and gaining a nice stack. He jammed in the sb with J6 and I made the call with 55. Little did he know 2 jacks and 1 six were already dead. I had him covered and I would have been crippled had he hit. He was extremely short and HU I think he has to make that move. He gave me this cool Chicago Airport keychain thingy for busting him. I also busted Weak Player. Which is always fun! He gave me a ceramic donkey for my troubles.

My next table was the start of a whole lot of fun. I sit down and right next to me sits this beautiful Asian woman. Sexy as hell. I think it must be Grubette because there are only like two Asians in the whole world right? Anyway I ask and it was her! She is a hell of a funny person and kept chatting the whole way down. She growled at me when I told her I busted her bro. She went on a massive run at that table and knocked out the next 3-4 people. I gave her the Donkey that I got for knocking out Weak Player. She loved it and kept stroking its ears! Lucky Donkey!

One hand at this table saw Grubetts pocket Aces cracked by runner-runner quad tens. The whole table erupts in laughter and the asshole manager yells at us to shut up. The Orleans tourney was really fucked up. He even ended up kicking everyone out of the poker room who was not playing. The bloggers who set the game up are not to blame but I would not want to play there again.

I outlasted my finish in last years MTT when Soxlover has 23o and I had AA and I bet 100K chips and he called with the blinds at 100/200. He sucked out on me and put me out at 12th as the bubble boy. I had at least made the nine spot and had a shot at the upper money. At this point the blinds were some huge 1600/800 or something and everyone was short. We finally all agreed to take 80 off each of the top five spots and pay the bottom five. As the blinds increased I knew I had to make a move so I jam all in early with Q8s and take down a pot. With the Ante/blinds it was actually basically a double up for me. I was the short stack but moved up with that. I showed my semi-bluff and everyone groaned.

I was on fire. I was all amped up and playing great. People were betting on me taking first. I got 3:1 against which is not so bad. I even won a race when they colored up. I did not know what this race was but apparently they take all the extra chips that did not fit after they color up and draw cards to see who gets them. I spiked an Ace to win my race and got some more free chips.

Going into the end game I was feeling great. I had won all my races. I really had this game. I think Iak and Bayne were the next two out. I busted two people by myself when I jammed kings. They both called with Ace-rags and I was suddenly third in chips. I held on and watched Bayne go out before me. Finally it was down to Grubette, Mrs. Spaceman, MeanHappy and I. I was like dude get out of my fantasy and he obliged quickly after. So it was down to a Menage a trios with me and the ladies!

It then ended as most of my poker fantasies do: with me waking up. I was dealt QQ in EP three ways and I raised around 6K. The blinds at this time were 3K-1500K/400 ante and I had about ten grand. My thinking here is I have an extremely strong hand three ways and I want a call. Well I end up getting two calls. The flop comes down AJ7. I rush to push all my chips in but it is not my turn yet. Grubette checks, Mrs. Spaceman checks and then I jam. Here is my thinking. Any Ace rag three ways is going to push pre-flop. As much as I tease here these ladies know how to play and no way they do not isolate with an Ace. Grubette folds with a sad look on her face and Mrs. Spaceman goes into the tank. It is a nice 20K+ pot. She obviously has to call. She does and turns over JT. I am golden baby! Until the jack came on the turn. It would not be a Waffles tourney if it did not end that way.

I calmly shook her hand and congratulated her on a game well played. Someone said I should have just jammed pre-flop and Mrs. Spaceman would have folded. First off I am not sure that is true. I did not have a huge amount of chips left and I would not think a call with JT would be horrible. Especially with the blinds and ante’s so high. However I say to you: I had her right where I wanted her. I had her dominated and I was in position to give myself the chips to win. I also think she was right to call me pre-flop and on the flop. Even if she had 23o she probably should call me on the flop. The odds were there and if she loses she is not out.

Some people were not pleased with how she played. I saw most of her hands and I think she played great. She deserved to win the whole thing and I am glad she did. Ok. I deserved to win the whole thing because I am the king baby! With the structure of the MTT the way it was I could not fault her for any move she made. All tourneys are a mix of good play and aggressive moves and she did both. You also need to get lucky and she did in the right spots. Good job.

I ended up cashing for 330-80 buyin-100 shared percentage deal with Carmen. I knew I was going to do well in the MTT and I was happy to trade some with Carmen. At least she will use it for something good! Unlike me as you will soon find out.

Next Episode: Downswing

The Clevage Table

My trip to Vegas started off pretty poorly. I was supposed to fly out at 8PM and arrive at 11PM Vegas time. I have never liked how the time space continuum warps when you travel across country but that is neither here or there. I get to the terminal and notice several delayed flights. I then find out that T-Storms are covering the country from Canada to Florida and all of the flight paths are closed.

Eventually around 11PM they get everything sorted out and we head off to Vegas. The flight was excellent. Besides the fact they always seem to be late wherever they go I have to recommend Jet Blue. It was the cheapest flight. Direct. They have 36-channels of fun loving TV for you to watch the whole way there. I think I nodded off a few times on the trip.

One kinda cool thing was seeing a Thunderstorm from within the clouds. It was fascinating and if I was a good writer I might be able to do some faint justice to they beauty of the raw power of nature. We were inside the clouds and all around us the lights would suddenly turn on. First one bank of clouds would light up as bright as daytime and then the next occasionally you would see the bolts dancing from cloud to cloud like some errant angels on some mission only they knew about.

The bumpiness of the trip was a little disconcerting. I have really never flown in bad weather but all in all it was not horrible. I finally touched down in Vegas at 1AM three hours late.

Now this new generation of Bloggers has GOT to be mostly pussies because barely any bloggers were remaining. A few of the diehards were still there and Carmen and Don of course. Weak looked like he slept there for six days. He must have been having a lot of fun.. maybe he knows where Vinny is? Falstaff, Bayne, and a few others were there also.

Carmen told me to get a table quickly and so I signed up for the list. The evil bloggers were telling me to just cut in line and steal a seat but I felt bad about taking a seat from someone else who was waiting. So I waited my turn and MAN did that payoff.

I get placed at Carmen’s table and she introduces me to this chick she just met who had BIGGER boobs than even Carmen!!! This woman was pilling on the drinks and was half past drunk.. She was very friendly though and the whole table was chatting and having a great time. I forget Carmen’s friends name but lets call her Kaley cause that’s a nice name.

I did not have long to wait until EVEN BIGGER BOOBS sat down at my table. A Canadian girl who had a young version of the Elvira look going on sat down. I am AMAZED those things did not explode as much as they were compressed into that bra! WOW!

I do not remember a whole lot of the actual game between 1AM and 7AM. I do remember this guy we called 17 hitting on Carmen. He was called 17 because he always raised to 17 whenever he had a hand. Kaley leans over and says "I think she likes him”.. however I could read the expression on Carmens face and it went something like "Hmm.. I might as well flirt but this guy’s a tool”. I mean I was there people!!

Before long the table is spitting out every pastry and breakfast food they could think up. Waffles! Crepes! Pancake! French Toast! On and on and on.. yeesssh. The table on the whole was very good for a ½ game. It was tight enough that I felt comfortable making a play to impress Carmen’s new girlfriend.

The girl turns to me and says "Play the players.. not your cards! Just raise with any two”.. So I am like "Fuck ya” and I jam it to 15 pre-flop blind. I get called by the sexy Canadian. I check my cards while Carmen’s friend is not looking. The flop had come down as Qxx with two hearts. I had the J5 of hearts. So when Kaley turns to me with her beautiful brown eyes and says "Ok c-bet like ten now”.. I laugh and throw out a twenty dollar bet. The turn brings a five giving me a pair.. I now firmly put Elvira on a draw and if I was wrong I had outs.. SO with Kaley telling me to slow down now I push sixty into the middle and Elvira folds her hand. It was worth the look of admiration.. neigh.. worship in her eyes. Life is good as a breakfast snack.

I still can not believe my luck at that table. It seems like every hand I folded would have made the nuts. I folded A4 in EP and would have turned quads. Every board with T5o would have made a straight. It was amazing.. and even thought I was folding these hands pre-flop I could care less. I mean I was at a table where Carmen's rack was the smallest! Think about that people! Carmen was none too pleased. And to top it all off LOVE ELF kept coming by!!!! I ended the first night up around sixty five.

So we finally wrapped it up around 6:30-7:00 and headed back to MiamiDon’s place. The funniest part about leaving is we had not made it more than fifty feet and that guy 17 calls Carmen. I mean I am all for closing the deal but if you look that desperate your going to get shot down! Have some respect for yourself man!

If I have not mentioned it yet Don and Carmen are two of the most giving Bloggers you will ever meet. They open their homes, hearts, and give a ton of time whenever anyone is in town. Two really stand up people. As much as I love Carmen’s cleavage that is only a small part of why she is an awesome person and if you have not gotten to know her then what the hell are you waiting for?

Next Episode: Menage a trois Final Table

Weekend with the Bloggers

I approach each blogger meeting with high goals and expectations.. Sometimes I go and socialize a lot and other times I just hang out. All depends on how I feel and what opportunities present themselves. So I will be writing up the trip soon. It was a ton of fun but nothing too amazing happened.

I am sitting here working after my flight landed at 7AM. Fun Fun. I will try and stay awake until the end of the day. I might make it. MeanHappyGuy has a nice writeup of his trip including some nice pictures of me watching IG.. *cough* adjust herself from between a mountain range of hotties. All the new people I met were really cool including Grubette (Sexy!), Mrs. Spaceman, LJ, IG, MeanHappyGuy, Bayne.. as well as many more..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Off to Vegas

I am flying out in 8 hours. WOOT! I have started the trip with a little intestinal distress. I hope it does not turn out to be a full blown bug. I woke up this morning and my son had a fever. My stomach has been bugging me and I have been farting like crazy this week. As a matter of fact after I let one off this morning my son made me a super hero: Atomic Fart Man! It was nasty! Oh well.. I guess I will fit in well with the degenerate gamblers.

What the hell is with Paris Hilton? I mean did she blow the sheriff to get out early? Mental distress? Umm.. Yeah, your in jail you retard. I hear she is going back in because the Judge is not going to take any of that rich bitch bullshit. In.. Out.. In.. Out.. Must feel like a normal Saturday night for Paris. I hope this straightens that girl out. Not going to hold my breath though.

I am also hoping that my direct deposit goes in today. My friend was suppose to drop a check off for me.. but he got caught up.. so now I need that check to clear.. Actually the wife's check went in so that should be fine.. phwehh..

Already had my first dream of stacking someone.. Sweet...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bayne Cursed

I was talking to Bayne yesterday.. getting in his head.. and told him he would be going out 26th in the Mookie. He obliged me by going out 49th. Thanks pal! Never mess with the curse powers of Waffles! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Biggest Baddest Beat Ever

So last night I am at the end of a 6.60-SNG waiting for the Hoyazo to kick off. I have the perfect setup. I am going to bust Hoy for a bounty. Kill OSU if he does not shoot himself in the foot first. Watch Jeciimd fold to ALMOST the points.

My computer then lets out a BIG pop and shuts down. Ug. No points. Probably No Mookie. Really hurts my chances in the BBT. Not sure when I am going to be able to pickup a new machine. Hopefully soon. So pissed off. I think Bayne snuck into my house and did something. So pissed.

Vegas on Friday. That should cheer me up.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Only a few more days..

Vegas on Friday. I can not wait. I have been remiss about doing nice things so I figure I will even it out with the Karma gods with some nice pimpage.

First off my favorite Hottie! She is not only babealishish but she has a nice writing gig with CC of Hugglegate fame. I still chuckle at his mentorship offer although it came from his big wonderful heart. I really like CC he is a good guy. Anyway.. go read as Carmen brings her unique perspective to the WSOP for Pokerworks. CC has actually had some decent WSOP content himself including some of the first reports I personally read about the sucky cards they are using at Harrahs. Those guys are retards.

Speaking of good WSOP coverage of the idiots at Harrahs as always Pauly is on the ground providing excellent reporting in the way only he can do it. Even though he thinks I am a spawn of the devil I will still pimp his sorry ass.

I still get a chuckle from Chad's last comment.

I usually expect world class play in a $10 tournament run by people who go to the same bar. I am with, HOW DARE THAT GUY!! -- Chad

This my friends is the core of my problem. I want to help everyone. I expect that everyone knows how to play like a pro and just needs me to point out that they are fucktards in order to take that big leap ahead. Even if you are playing a 1$ MTT you should have skillz. One of these days I will just stop trying to help you losers. Of course someday I expect a final table bracelet winning donkey to say "Ya, I was playing this 10$ MTT.. and this guy SirFagman or something.. he says Dude, you are a big fucking moronic idiot. And you know he was right. And I changed my game from that day on and here I am". I can always dream right?

What else what else.. Well speaking of the Horror that Harrah I have to say kicking Richard Brodie out was pretty lame. I can see not comping him or letting him near the Video Slots *snicker* but banning him from any and all Harrah properties! WOW! Assholes. I always enjoyed playing the Lion in HORSE and I think these corporate assholes need to shape up. Freaking idiots! You know lots of rich guys right Brodie? Start a boycott!!! Power to the rich people! Fuck the Super rich Corporations!

I am looking forward to the Hoy tonight. I want to stack Hoyazo and OSU tonight. Reason? No reason. Just might be fun. OSU might be gunning for me after the HORSE game. Somehow I tilted him off. I will not say I did nothing to tilt him but I did not think I was being THAT bad. Oh well. He actually apologized in his blog. However I never expect nor desire an apology. To me its all just fucking around with people at the table and I am more than willing to take my share. I would hope people would take it all with a grain of salt but to each their own.

Hoyazo is just always fun to stack. I really like the guy and I always enjoy beating up on people I like. If I never insult you then you know I really hate you.

Really my only goal tonight is what it has been for the past few weeks: Go with the gut. Play the instincts. I have failed miserably in the past few weeks either making bad laydowns or not stealing pots that easily could have been mine. No more.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Im up in it biatches!

Whatever the fuck that mean. I am rolling hot like a balla! I started the MiamiDon or possibly Smokkee bankroll building course. Don convinced me I should spend my last few bucks on 6.60 SNGs. So I told him to fuck off.. signed up for the HORSE MTT cause I need my points.. and then started playing 6.60's. I am 4 of 5 so far 1,1,1,2,x. Not bad! I am fucking rolling. I have had 4 finishes in the top 9 in Blogger events.. Won my Hoy token.. and I am kicking it! I have moved up the BPT chart to seventh.. and the competition is SO tight that 3-7 are basically separated by a points cash. So I could easily shoot up to second. Only down side so far has been Bayne running as hot as me with FOUR final tables! He is just refusing to give it up to the rightful winner of the BPT. Give it up Bayne! I am coming for you! No backers yet but the deals going to be withdrawn soon.. especially if I win a Hoyazo this week! The funniest thing too is I have made some of the worst plays ever this week.

I did sort of feel bad about putting OSU on super mega tilt in the HORSE game. I figure it made us even though cause his play was putting me on tilt. I am not sure if that fucker was just gunning for me but he was calling me down with like J9 showing.. I dunno.. maybe he just sucks. He called me a product that goes between the sweet tender legs of a female. It was not a vibrator either. Anyhow.. its all good with me.. I enjoy the table banter and if you want to take anything I say seriously then so be it.

Peace out. I am in Vegas on Friday.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I run G000t