Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Surfluxes Wins!

So I start the night with the 34o calling a large bet and out flopping my Aces.. which told me my luck was still running poorly.. then I played the Mookie.. and really only got sucked out on once. It was all my fault too against Astin. He did river a 3-outer but I never did anything to make him fold so that hand was my fault. I end up pushing with AQ and getting called by 55 after a long pause to think.. and not catching anything.. so again, it was a race, no suckouts, and hey, maybe my bad luck is over.. I mean two weeks of Mookies where I actually did not get taken out with a suckout.. Ok, I got some brutal hands, and bad matchups.. but still.. maybe right? WRONG!

I am playing the Mookie O8.. I look down and see AA7J with the jack s00ted. Now this is not a hugely strong hand but it has some low potential and the Aces could hold up.. Surfluxes raises to around 160.. and when everyone else folds I decide to JAM it. So Surfluxes has a good hand right? Something like A23T s00ted or some decent power hand in O8 you might want to risk all your chips with.. err.. no. He calls me with A99T. All middle cards. All crap. Of course he gets rewarded when my bad luck spikes him a nine on the river. All your chips. Split pot game. Middle cards. No low. Ummm.. Yeah. I have barely ever in my life seen such a horrible call but it works out for him.. Last time I listen to Trauma's advice the fucktard.

I finally get taken down by Donkey two.. I am sure he reads so he can admit to it or not as he likes.. I watched him go out of the first Mookie with some pretty terrible call for all his chips.. so It probably should not surprise me that he raised some crappy hand like 6238 with two hearts.. flops middle two pair.. which is dominated by my two higher pair, and then runner-runner an eight high flush in Omaha to end my night. In all fairness even though his play sucked all the way through the hand.. I had around 200 chips left. His raise got called four ways, which is why I was in the hand, and hey middle two pair is a monster in O8.. *snicker*.. Oh well maybe he does not know how to play.. O8.. or Poker.. Or Tiddly winks.. Who knows..

I am so fucking sick of this bad run. It is just insane. I can not win a single hand that I should win. Not one. I used to think I ran bad.. but this needs another word cause this is even worse. Someone said they were almost Waffled.. perhaps this will become the new Urban Dictionary term for such bad luck that it is indescribable.

Good Luck Continues

This will be my 4th Mookie appearance. Over that past so many weeks I’ve been observing and taking notes in hopes to find what it will take to make my way to the final table. And now I believe I have found the answer!—> Be more like Waffles!
That’s sure to work out for me. And if not, maybe it’ll at least make me more popular. -- BuddyDank


Fucking cunt bag poker gods.. I hope you wake up in the god damn morning and find out it was really a tranny banging you last night and that WAS NOT a strap on. Stupid poker gods. Kiss my ass.

I went out to test my luck in a purple peep token thingy. I had my aces cracked for the tenth time in a row. I swear they have not won in ten times straight. A guy called with 34o for 8x the blind .. flop comes 445 and I swear I was this close to folding. I however could not. Not in a purple peep token. I was hoping for TT or JJ instead of 34 but what is a guy to do. The pot was 700.. After I potted it I would have around 400-500 left. Really not a place I fold here.

On a side note I just read Wicked Chops post on Keeley. I do not get what the problem is. If you do not want a sex tape scandal.. then do not make a sex tape. It really is not that hard. Hot chicks really do not know how to please a guy anyways.. they are too caught up with looking in the mirror. Give me an average girl anytime. What the fuck was with her boyfriend too? Does he have cancer? I swear he did not have a folicule of hair anywhere on his body. Man up you fucking pansy and grow a few. Also as a side note.. I noticed Willy Wanka is a "Super Admin" of that porn site.. Is that one of our Wankahs?

I went on an interview today. Like the job. Like the project. I now have to wait to see if I will get it. I think I nailed most of the interview and should get the offer but we will see. Half way to Foxwoods is appealing too.. I hope I start in time to get to go to Eh-Vegas. I really would enjoy hanging out with my Canadian peeps.

I finally got my money from the latest ad. Instead of putting it on Bodog it is on Paypal. If anyone wants to trade some FT dollars for Paypal dollars I am willing to do so. Send me an email or post a comment with your IM or email. I have $275 I want to get onto Full Tilt at some point so if we can do a mutual trade let me know. I will say I was getting incredibly annoyed. Now those who read my post about my time in Vegas with Ick, and the Canadian Double Trouble Twins will probably realize that I HATE being ignored. I must be the center of attention. Not all the time. Just at the times I wish it. So I almost went ballistic at this bitch for not responding to 6 emails I sent.. DP then sends her one email and she responds. I swear I almost threw the ad out right there.. fucking cunt responds to DP and not me! What the fuck is she thinking!!! I swear. She also has the NERVE to say I never responded to her. Freaking bitch. Ahh that feels better. I know I probably should be nicer to people who give me money.. however.. that is not my way. Treat me like the princess I am dammit!

I did not mean to make Obie the next star of Days of Our Lives.. I really thought the dynamic of divorce was interesting and the way him and the Ex interacted was refreshingly, brutally, honest. I have no idea if I will wind up at the same end as him but there is a high probability it will happen. Who knows what will end up on my blog then.

Carmen and Love Elf are planning on getting naked together! I can not wait to hear about that!

I will be at the Mookie tonight. I will probably get brutally sucked out on. I am trying to get MiamiDon to set the line on who I rant against tonight!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Future Beckons..

I was reading Obie today.. I thought my blog was good. ooff. Good luck with that Obie.. I am sure I will be joining you some day.

Runner Runner Donkey

VinNay commented on my post about his play in the WPBT.

..but one hand shouldn't get you so bent out of shape..

He dont know me very welll dooooo heee - Tweety

If you think that post was "Bent out of shape" then you have not been reading this blog long enough. I would put that hand lower than Weaks Ax s000ted fiasco and higher than a Smokkee suckout. Yes I was angry about the hand. Not so much about your playing of it as how I can not seem to win a single hand lately. No matter how far ahead I am. I do beleive you when you say you were having a bad night. We all play poorly sometimes.. and I am sure your alot better than that.

If you do something I disagree with I am going to spew it out on my blog. The alternative is to let it stay inside and be angry at you forver and that does not make much sense. So take it with a grain of salt. I gave you my honest highly biased opinion on how you played a couple of hands. I spew. I forgive. I forget. Unless your name is Weak.. then your on my shit list forver.. or at least until I can get some revenge! It is coming baby! Just you wait!!!

I am for sure in the insanity section of my every tenuious grip on reality. I am in one of the worst runs I have ever seen.. and beleive me I do not run well normally. I have been getting decimated with 80%+ hands lately and it is a wee bit painful. Oh well.

As Carmen said "At least you got to sit next to me".. I think that is probably the best thing that has happened to me recently so all is not bad. I think that girl is psychic because we were talking on the girlie chat before the WPBT started and she said we were going to sit at the same table for sure. Sure enough.. when the first table comes up there she is on my right hand side. Stealing my blinds. Distracting me with that devil outfit. whooofff.

At least one of us has a job.. I have work for this week as usual.. I also have an interview tomorrow with the place that is half way to Foxwoods as I like to refer to it. I did a phone screen with them yesterday.. it was kind of weird. It was like a fifteen minute interview and then they setup the Wednesday meeting. I am never sure if short is good. Anyhow.. We will see how that goes.. I may have to start returning the 1000 calls a day I get from recruiters if this does not work out.

Nothing else exciting going on. Been playing minimal amounts of Poker. Not really extremely interested in it until I buyin later this year.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

And the bad luck continues..

Tonight I get cracked by KJ with my AJ.. he calls my flop bet and my turn bet on a runner-runner flush draw.. and as a 72% dog on the turn hits his miracle card. He then says "I thought you did not have anything".. I am a genius. I can get anyone to call me . So I outlast runner-runner donkey as he calls an all in push by Diddie. Now I have not played a hell of a lot with Diddie but when I have 66 and I raise and Diddie re-raises I have to give him credit for something that can beat 66.. Runner-runner of course looks down and say "oooh, matches, go fish!" and loses.

So two hours later I am still pissed off and getting NOTHING I can play. I finally look down and see KK.. and with 2 people left to act before me the short stack pushes in. It looks a lot like a steal or a frustration push and no way am I folding kings there anyways.. so we flip and he has Aces.. I guess I should be happy I was not bad beat? However that is pretty rough.

Last hand I go against Raveen.. I have 300 left after the fiasco with KK and when Rav pushes I assume any call I make with my 34o is likely to have at least two good outs.. as we were the BB and SB. So I call my last 300 and surprise surprise.. he shows K4o to totally dominate me and a four hits the river just to rub it in.. I also flopped a 4 flush that never completed.

So my shit house luck continues and I have no idea when it is going to end. I have not won a 70% fav in over two weeks.. and forget 95% favs. It is just bullshit. So fuck you poker gods, I hope you choke to death while your laughing.. At least I have the blog to spew it all out on.

WPBT Tonight

I am going to try donking out of this tonight. Who the hell made this banner btw? The "Super Secret" guess me if you can fucking password? I mean is it wbpt the symbol + then the secret part? Does the secret part have an o in it? Cause it damn well should. I tried 5 combinations before I figured out the correct password. This is probably because I am extremely literal.

My last few bets have gone as well as usual. I donked out of an MTT when I pushed my AQo and got called by 62o. Now this is not a bad match up for 62o. However my luck ran true as the flop come 62x. Not just a six, not just a two, but both fucking cards. I mean cmon!

I also lost a bet with Veneno when she proved she spent more time on her knees than anyone should. No not that way! Praying and genuflecting! She scored a 95% on that crazy ass bible quiz thing to win our prop bet. I still think she cheated. I have given her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she did not cheat though. Poor poor Veneno and her years of Sunday school. Those dresses are hot though!

Friday, January 26, 2007

American Idol

I never watch the show but the You-Tube reruns had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to die. My favorite line is:

"Fuck you Simon -- I Don't Look like no fucking money!!!" - Lemur Boy

Dont Cha Remix
Red and his one tooth
Cleft Lip Weirdo's make good Idols
Fuggly Sisters

And last but not least the infamous retard and monkey boy: super pop idols for bizzaro world!

Part I
Part II

God that was funny..

Finally - No Suckouts

It was a fine fine awesome night. Not one single suckout. Mostly because I played like shit all night. You know what.. it felt good in a way. I am sure I will have to return to my dominate ways tonight, I.E. Getting it all in as a 95% fav and losing.. but for one night it was fun to call off my entire stack with second pair.

Around the blogoverse.. I think soon we will have a Dr. T. My only concern is that she did not kill whoever was the #1 student.. Dr. Lector would have! See why nobody ever wins a fight with me?

April is considering dating marrying a Gay, Showtune watching, Geeky Nerd donkey who does not drink or play poker AAAAAANNNNNDDDDD would not give her his jacket! Sounds like the best offer she has gotten in a while. You go girl! Oh yeah and April says go vote for Wil. With over sixteen years experience with computers I can not figure out why the php script they wrote does not work.

My Bodog masters have not paid me for the Ad yet. I am sure they are going to but I wish they would hurry up. I need me some poker. My initial thoughts about Bodog:The interface sucks donkey balls. However.. this is USUALLY a good thing. Why? As a wise little man once told me.. Bad Interface, Less Sharks. I did not beleive him until I ran up a ton of money in a short time at Titan Poker.. another place with a bad interface. I think Bodog and I might just become good friends.

.. more later ..

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I know my Bible

You know the Bible 79%!

Wow! You are truly a student of the Bible! Some of the questions were difficult, but they didn't slow you down! You know the books, the characters, the events . . . Very impressive!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

I think this means I am going to burn in hell..

Funding Solutions

Don who has recently started joing our Mookie fun has a nice post on funding poker accounts for Donkeys. This is military Don not MiamiDon so please do not be confused. I am actually not sure he is in the military but he always wears the dress blues in the Mook.

Fluxer had found these pre-paid cards a long time ago. As he is young, foolish, and probably does not have a bank account, these things have been invaluable for him.. and since he never cashes out they are perfect. Oh oh my boy Fluxer is gonna be mad at me now!!! Sorry man! I actually beleive Fluxer is going to be a big winner one day. You heard it here first.

Way Too Invested

I am way too invested in these games. I need more distance. I guess that is a bad side effect of playing on a fifty buck roll. Oh well.. I look forward to the day soon when I buyin for 4K and the Mookie is just some piddly little game.. who cares if I outplay everyone and get screwed. Not an issue. Until then I will continue to call you all losers and rant and rave.. because that is what I do.

Obviously the Mookie is a fun game. At least it is suppose to be. I do enjoy them.. even if I get some of the worse beats ever two weeks in a row. At first I thought Kaj's call was not that bad.. then he said he put me on Aces.. at which point it becomes a horrible call.. but hey, he won, so be it..

People at all different skill levels play these things and in some ways this is what makes these a mindfield and very, very, challenging.. you never know when your opponent is going to push with A2 or call your huge raise with KJo.. it just IS going to happen.. if you win the hands your supposed to you probably make a final table if you get brutally raped then you go out.

At least I made a few bucks in the second Mookie.. I actually sucked out bad against the host. I had Kings hidden and by the time I figured out Mookie had Rolled up Queens I had committed enough chips to make it wrong to fold..

It was kind of a funny hand.. I am capping him pre-flop.. saying to myself.. He just has a pair of Queens right? Then I and capping him on the 4th.. and I am like, shit, he must have a set.. by then it was too late and Mookies fate was sealed. If I lost that hand I would have alot less chips but still be in the game. Oh well. Sorry Mook!!!!

I think I played pretty well the rest of the game.. Calling Fuel on a few of his bluff's.. Taking Slb out when he had a set and I had a massive draw with 3456 on 4th street.. man was he pissed.. Dude, remember, Full Tilt re-orders the cards!!!

As chip leader with three left I overplayed a few hands when it was down to me Diddie and Xlm.. We all played a decent game.. but with blinds at 2K or some crazy ass thing like that it was all up to who got the best cards and made the best draws and I ended up out in third. Congrats to Xlm for taking the whole thing down and to Diddie for playing a nice mix of patient and aggressive game.

Tonight I will be at CC's Thursday Bash so make sure you get your ass over to Pokerstars tonight and play. I am offering a free rant for the fifth person in two weeks to crush my spirit and soul with a 80-95% Dog of a hand. It should be easy if the past few weeks are any indication.

Almost forgot this one too.. I know I told you Mooker's that you were the biggest freaking Donkeys in the world but Riverworld is a new place! I got sucked out so bad last time that it made the Mookie look like a final table with Unger, Men, and Doyle. If you miss this then your missing a donkey dance to beat all donkey dances. I finally decided when I was 3 to the money to get my chips in with the WORST hand like Tripjax suggests and that did not work for me either.. Actually I had QQ.. made a large pre-flop raise, got called by A6o or some crap hand, and when the Ace flopped I refused to fold. Yes I am a tool. I do need to work on frustration calls deep into MTTs when the same donkey sucks out on me over and over and over.. Giving him the rest of my chips is not the best option.

Where: Full Tilt Poker
Name: Tour Event #2
When: Thursday January 25th, 2007 9 pm ET
Game: NLHE
Buyin: $10+1
password: riverchasers

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How could I play any better..

AA vs QQ - Gypsy Bets. Cowboy re-raises. I push to isolate. Gypsy Folds. Cowboy calls. All in pre-flop. Cowboy sucks out a Queen on the river.
QQ vs A2 (but it was S000ted). Gypsy bets 240. I raise to 480. She pushes. Ace on the flop. Gypsy wins.
A8 s00ted vs K9 S00ted Same S00t. Last 180 chips. River Straight. I am done. - Librarian Wins.

Fucking Mookie can kiss my ass. I have no idea how I could play any better. Yet again I lose. Fucking brutal. Especially since this was within a 5 minute span. I need a frontal lobotomy so I can play as good as other people do. I just do not get it. I mean this is a daily occurrence. What the fuck do I have to do to win. Last week it was a 5%'er to end my night. Why do I even fucking play.

I lost a 95%'er to Cowboy
then an 80%'er to Gypsy
to go out of the mook
and my last crumbs
were a 65%'er pre-flop
thats 235%!!!!

[/end rant]
[/begin hysterical sobbing]

First Place in the 750K Guarenteed

Story was boring so I made stuff up. I got called a donk by a player that I thought was playing pretty poorly. I definitely made some poor plays too.-Duggles

I just placed first in the 750K! It was amazing.. too bad it is not true. I wish I could just make shit up. It would make blogging much easier. I could pretend I actually have won a ton of money playing instead of being break even.

I think when you LIE on your blog it brings everything into question. Having tried to be one of the most brutally honest blogs around I know this path is a hard one and not everyone takes it. I find myself asking now: Does Duggles really win at poker? I have always joked in the past that he sucked but maybe I am right. I actually never saw any hugely terrible play from the guy so I assumed he was at least a moderate winner. I now have to question everything I thought I knew about him. I guess all his winnings could easily be Ad Revenue, Rake Back, and Bonus Whoring. Hell maybe he even is wayyyyyy down and just lied about that too.

It is pretty disappointing when someone in the "Blogger" group does something like this and then tries to hide it. The more I think about it though I am not sure Duggles was ever part of the group. A lot of his previous posts had been clueless and signs of someone who just does not get it. I guess this is just one more thing that makes me think Duggles never really wanted to be part of this Blogging community. Just someone who saw a way to make his blog more popular by pretending to be a part of something I find pretty special. It makes me appreciate the bloggers who do get it that much more. A great group of people who share the ups and down and boost each other up. Some people will never get that. I feel sort of sad for them.


Holy shit! I knew the guy never wrote about poker. I knew he was not all that good at the game.. but to outright LIE about hands. If you have not heard the breaking news. Duggles mocked another player in a post. What he did not know was PokerJones was reading a Forum where said player posts and Duggles made up EVERY SINGLE WORD of the hand. He calls a raise pre-flop then pushed with crap and runner-runner nails a straight.

Now so what if he made a bad play and won.. the bad part about the whole thing is that he:

A. Lied about the limit. It was .02/.05 not 1/2
B. Lied about the hand. He said the guy bet very little and let him catch a straight.
C. Besmearched the reputation of a highly respected .02/.05 player.

Now while this is horrible as other Bloggers have mentioned. It is even worse than say ZeeJordon's massive scandal he even made it worse!!! When he was caught lieing because he has no real poker content instead of being a man and admitting to his horrible mistake.. he does what any coward would do.. he erases the entry and hopes it all will go away. I think I see him hiding under his covers at home.

If he is going to pull crap like that in his blog then maybe he should delete his blog instead of just one post. I have never had a huge problem with Duggles because he tells it like he thinks it is. Sure we have had our disagreements in the past. I liked that he was willing to speak his mind though. When he starts making shit up and telling lies about people I lose all respect for anything he might say.

I am not sure why he would do this. Possible his Ad revenue was down.. his affiliate signups? I have no idea but I think he owes it to his loyal readers to explain himself instead of deleting the post and making pretend it never existed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to Bodog..

I am bringing Bodog into the Advertising fold. They have graciously offered a six month Advertisement. I asked that the money be deposited directly to Bodog so you will hear reports on my success with the site in the up coming weeks. It is one of the sites I have wanted to try but just never got around to. I will keep you all posted.

Some pictures to share..

I was looking through the WBPT picture site on Flickr and Good43 (See if you know who this is) posted some funny shit..

Since everyone is showing their dogs I figured I would post a picture of mine.. He is not much to look at but he is great. Whenever I tell him to do tricks like give me his stack he is so good at it.. gooodd booyyy... yes you are.. heh.

I can not WAIT to get back into that game. It honestly is the most fun I have had in the past year or more of playing poker. See you guys soon. Oh yeah, one other nice thing about my potential new job.. it is half way to Foxwoods or maybe a little more.. so weekly trips are not out of the question.

Been Busy..

Firefox.. I love you but why do you eat my memory? Has nobody found a memory leak in Firefox and maybe ummm fixed it? Yeessshh. With IE7 rendering much better these days I may have to revisit it.. maybe..

The Job search continues.. To be totally honest I have really only taken like 2-3 days off to walk in the woods.. The rest of the time I have been doing a day-to-day contracting making 75/hr and working something like 33-40 hours a week. So basically taking home about 4K more than my previous position that I hated. I know some of my annonymous readers were concerned and I did not want them staying up at night unable to sleep because of their fear for my well being.

I got a good lead this morning. A company is hiring application developers. The rate is 82/hr and the commute is probably going to be a solid hour. No traffic though. It is also more in the application development field instead of web development which I enjoy alot more. The extra seven bucks an hour is not bad either.

The other stop-gap gig I have a chance at is a quickie with an old employer. The rate is 110/hr but it is only for two weeks. I am not sure if that is going to materialize or not. We will have to wait and see.

I do not think any amount of money I make will ever be enough for my wife. She really does not realize that most people in my position are making 40-60 an hour and plenty happy with it. Oh well.. One bad decision, a couple great kids, and life goes on.

I think Payton Manning MUST lose the Super Bowl. I find it too humerous that he has every record except a Super Bowl ring and alot of joy and laughter will go out of my life if he actually wins. Smokkee.. make sure you root for Payton!!!!

I hope to be back on the Poker tables soon.. probably in May or something.. Until then peace.

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Azz Hurts for you..

My dear friend Fastpitch made it deep. He then had his azz turned inside out.

He went out in 15th place. Ouch to runner-runner 89.. sounds familiar.. pretty damn close. At least I am not the only one Full Tilt has been fucking lately.

I went out 70th place out of 2400 donkeys in a freeroll. Only 27 places paid. I am the Razz God. I had fun at least. Amazing enough Stb was at my first table.

Dolphin is white trash,
Busting Night Ranger was fun,
Why do I play Razz?

I decimated his stack and sent him to the curb early.. I.E. I saved him the 5 hours I spent for nothing. He should thank me. One more for Michael since I love him so much.

No More Matsou Book,
Nobody likes you any more jerk,
Karma is a bitch

Until tomorrow..

I may just..

I may just rant in Haiku forvermore.. like check this one out.

Michael Craig got canned,
Pokerworks has much better writers now,
So long you shit head

Actually ranting in Haiku has a great advantage. Like lets take the Weak Player hand. I could have written a Haiku about him and then he would not have had to get out his calculator and explained why he played so poorly.

Weak Player is bad,
He falls in love with top pair,
Curse my stinking luck

See.. then it is more obtuse and he would not make any comment except shut the fuck up Waffles.. or maybe he would come up with a great Haiku comeback!! BOOYAH!

I could use my powers for good..

Hire my Hottie Girl
Carmen needs a very good job,
She is also very smart

George is a tyrant,
He took away my poker fun,
Fuck you George W Bush

I wonder if I yell Haiku's at the screen if it will cause my luck to get any better.

You moronic fucktard,
Why would you call with that hand,
You are not winning

See how boring my blog becomes when I am not playing poker? pfft. I refuse to buyin again.. even if I could figure out how.. until I have enough to do it right. The year of the Waffles baby.

Netteller you suck,
So what if you are in jail,
I want to play poker

I actually think someone who is smart, has resources, and never wants to step foot in America again could open a pretty successful company catering to gamboolers. They could advertise their site and then direct you to the real site.

Pokerstars I dont know,
Why do you have to go dot com?
It seems very silly

I never understood that. They do commercials and HAVE to say NOT A GAMBLING site but then they can redirect you to one? Weird? How does that circumvent anything? What a fucked up set of laws that caused that to happen. Oh well.. catch you later..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blogger Haiku Faceoff Royal

JJ and I are fighting over who's Haiku is better.. So why not let everyone judge our ghey Haiku's and also write your own. They do not have to be poker related. I may write some more since I am not playing poker.. anyhow.. here is my Haiku.

donkeys always draw
they are the bane of my life
i hope you all die

thank you.. thank you..

oooh... JJ is talking smack about me..

Waffles is busto
Do you find that surprising?
I do not, do you?

Bring it bitch..

JJ had three girls,
He needed pills to do this,
He is not a man

My sperm is potent,
It makes boys with one quick shot,
I am so macho

Alright.. fun with Haiku's.. love it.. Ok one more..

Duggles does not blog,
He is a freaking ad whore,
Bend over you Ad bitch

Hey, whats a Haiku war without Duggles, right?

US Loss of Freedom

Flopilicious has a decent post about what the Neteller shutdown mean. I will say it is amazing that we can arrest people for committing a crime BEFORE it was a crime.. and for owning stock in a publicly traded company. Our government is so out of control. The only thing I disagree with in her article is that guy she says warned you all!!! NONONONO! It was ME! When Bush was first elected.. let me find that post..

Here are some of my early warnings..

I love living in “Bush’s America”. I know I said I would forget about the politics but this really pissed me off. I was getting all set to watch Private Ryan on primetime American Television and then the Marxist overlords came on and said "Private Ryan will not be seen in some markets because they are afraid of FCC fines!". God Bless Free Speech, it was great while it lasted. So hopefully that is it for the rants.
-- November 11, 2004

I am very disturbed by many of the recent bills that have been passed under Fuehrer Bush lately. I was happy to see Absinthe post about the "Torture is Good" bill that was recently passed.
-- October 4, 2006

Will Bush go on a rampage and bomb India to remove the corrupt, un-christian, Full Tilt scourge!
-- May 16, 2005

In case you missed it our president has the solution for all the problems in the middle east.

Since the only possible reason anyone could have voted for the clown is because of the funny out takes.. sort of like politics meets Worlds Funniest Bloopers.. Here is a link to some of his
brightest days.
-- July 18, 2006

I can not find my brilliant political post where I describe 4$ a gallon gas (we got close) and the removal of all of our freedoms if we elect Bush to another term. I made the point that he has nothing to lose the second time around and can fuck us every which way but loose.. I am so smart it is almost scary.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I do not make this shit up

It is brutal when you flop the Ace, turn a straight draw, and get rivered by two pair. All in. Pre-flop. Almost all of his chips. *sigh*. If I sucked at poker I would probably do better.

**EDIT: Just cause I like pain **

Pre-Flop: 61-34. Nice odds. Would like a little better.
Flop: 94%
Turn: 88%
River: 0%

Poker hates me. *sigh*

High Stakes Poker

I love that show. Manik79.. you know him, the Donkey that pushed all in with A4 and then got called by the brilliant Slb who had KQo. How could Slb have lost? It boggles the mind. The funniest part about that little chat is Slb calls Manik WEAK all through the post.. ok.. let's say for sake of argument Manik is WEAK. What the hell does it mean when a weak player raises all in? You figure it out.

Anyhow.. Manik has some links to some of the High Stakes Poker Season III videos. I found it HILARIOUS watching Jamie Gold get outplayed by Brunson. You can tell he is uncomfortable. The other funny part of the clip was when Sean Shakahcahn flops a set of Queens and everyone at the table is like: Obviously you had the set. It is just funny as hell to see them taunt his play.

Oh yeah.. I qualified for the 750K Sat last night so will be playing that on Saturday. Hoy says everyone should send me a buck for the Mook.. Hoy should just send me 200, cause he would lose is a lot slower in the time it takes to transfer than he does at the 1/2 cash tables with the Bloggers.

Breaking News Flash

Bodog just informed me that Neteller will no longer deposit to their site. I have yet to hear from Full Tilt or any other site I am a part of but I expect that announcements will follow. You can still withdraw from the Bodog site however.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Interview with Consulting Company

I was talking to Veneno and telling her how much I hate consulting companies. I am interviewing with one tomorrow but I hate each one of them with a passion. My main issue is they usually charge over 150/hr for my services and give me 70. I have to fight and beg and scream for that as they look at me like I am crazy. However since I have a history of making that much they can not really say much. Now what exactly do they do to earn half the money or more? Search Know a person? Fucking very little.. as a matter of fact half these pea brains can not even figure out what a good fit is in a job. They find one word they like on your resume and suddenly you are "An Cognos Lead Architech" or some jackass thing like that when you basically used a language like C# or Visual Basic to incorporate a few Cognos reports someone else wrote into your application. I talked to one today and I swear I wanted to slap her silly with my cock and then bend her over and fuck her ass until she cried. Fucking stupid bitch. ARRRRGJHHHHH! Anyways.. the job hunt goes well.

Mr. Mom

“Kickers?” Schottenheimer retorted to a reporter’s question after the game. “I fucking hate ‘em. They’re all worthless pieces of shit. I wouldn’t trust a kicker farther than I could throw one.”

Is that for real? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

So since I am searching for a job in a lackadaisical kind of way but more urgently this week.. I have become Mr. Mom. I am SOOOOO much better at it than my wife ever was. I did laundry, cleaning, dishes, and had the fucking meal on the table when she walked in the door! I am the fucking king. Meanwhile she complains about how bad her feet hurt as she sits on her ass all day working. What is she coal miners daughter or something? It is a fucking Business Analyst job.. you walk to the soda machine and back.. jeeezzz..

The Boy had a great comment today. He comes up to me while I am cleaning, feels my head, and says "Dad, are you feeling ok? I mean your.. cleaning!".. he then bursts into hysterical laughter. Yes. He is exactly like me. Except I think he might be able to get more chicks than me.. he is REALLY good with the ladies.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I am on break from Poker for a while. I am coming back in a bit with a made bankroll and a good attitude. Just can not justify putting money online until I get a job.. when I do put money online it is going to be a large deposit to play .50/1 or 1/2 fully funded for 20 buyins. I am totally convinced that the play at 1/2 sucks really bad but marginally less than lower levels.. that I can easily beat this game.. and that I have no shot at it if I am not properly bankrolled. You can not get past the inevitable rules of Poker and unless you luckbox into a bankroll by playing MTTs or have a trust fund you have to play properly rolled.

I was considering covering the blogger games live sort of like the High Stakes Poker Report does. You know. A donk-to-donk reporting of every "interesting" hand at the tables.. however I have come to the conclusion that people hate me enough already, and bloggers are wayyyyy too thin skinned to take what I have to dish out. So I am going to give up on that idea.

As far as football goes I thought the game yesterday was a classic battle. Arguably the two best teams in football went head to head and it came down to whoever got the lucky bounce of the ball. Both defenses stopped both offenses from really taking off and made for a down and dirty, grind it out, slug fest. I am happy the Patriots won!!! Now I hope we will crush Payton and all his hopes and dreams for yet another year and then it is on to the No-Fawwwwking-Canwin division for another Super Bowl title.

So I may be in an occasional Mook or what not but besides that Poker is going to be on a limited basis. Have fun and be careful out there.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Football Was Brutal

My Girl Carmen's Ravens got plucked..

The Eagles of my wife and son as well as my big brother laid another egg..

Tomorrow I have one shot left to charge in spank the Love Elf and her team gooooo PATS!!!!!

I also blew some bucks playing 25/NL on FT.. All in on the flop with the best hand, and the guy with a flush draw of course calls. I really hate poker sometimes.

*** EDIT:Spanking the pasty white ass accomplished! What a great game! WOOOO HOOO! I almost feel bad for Payton next week. Almost.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I did not need to know this. Thanks a lot to Mookie and Donkey Puncher the latest winner of the Mook. The internet is a dangerous place. Oh and it is nice to be someone's favorite.. I hope that does not lead to a ball gag and chains in my future..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Different Styles

I have been noticing different styles of play lately and I while I think they each can have their own merrits I prefer one type myself.

Number Crunchers
These are the guys who do not even bother figuring out what the opponent has. They could care less. They assign a likely value to their hand being ahead of a typical hand for a guy with a VP$IP of X and a post flop aggression of Y and go with it. If they are wrong well wait for the next hand.

Nut Peddlers
These guys are the pseudo-bots. The guys who play 19 tables at once and wait until they hit the nuts. They will never push in with less than the nuts. They will never try to outplay you. All they do is multi-table and in that brief fifteen second flash they check if they have flopped a boat or not and push or fold.

Nut Jobs
The Nut Jobs are easy to spot. They are the guys getting into every hand. Raising every hand. Just trying to bluff people off of every single hand. They wrongly assume that aggression alone will win the day. Once they get stacked two or three times they usually slink off and go home. Everyone at the table sheds a tear.

These are the guys who actually pay attention. They look at each opponent as a unique individual and narrow down the hands that person would play and how they would play each situation. These guys can tell you what your cards are before you turn them over. Normally they are dead on. It can be down right scary.

I think many types of players can succeed in this game. Different styles work because most people suck really bad at poker. I know which style I am trying to be which style do you want to be?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Plans for 2007

I am going to post some actual poker content soon. I have a few things I have been running through my head lately. I also am going to make 2007 the year of the Waffle. Well to be more conscience I am going to take the leap this year. For a long time I have talked to bloggers who have been successful and made a ton of money playing this game. In basically every case it has been because of what seemed like some magical decision to go for it. To put some real money on the line, play some stakes that matter, just bring their game up to the next level. I used to think they just sort of made some jump but I think now that they just decided to do it. So before the end of the year I will be properly bankrolled for the 1/2 game and playing it every day. Either this will mean I have made the money playing online or just bought in for a 2K stake. Neither option is going to be a financial burden so we will see which way I want to go. I think for me around 2K is a good roll for 1/2 but open to suggestions. I understand that you may not need that much but it does not hurt.

I have a lot of confidence that I can play this game. It is not such a high stake that the play gets a hell of a lot better, but most people tend to at least have some logic behind the way they play. In the sessions I have played so far I have held my own and been ahead when getting my money in. I have become a much tougher player and learned a bunch about playing from people like Mr. Dreamy and MiamiDon. My ability to read people and trust those reads has also increased and I know when I am NOT dialed into a game and need to back off a little and play more ABC. So hopefully 2007 is the step up I need and in 2008 I will have made one million dollars, bwhaahahahah!

I am turning off anonymous comments, because, if you post a comment, I want to know you have some sort of tag. That way I keep keep the stupid people sorted out. Sign up for blogger, and then Elvis can insult me all he wants. I need some connection to the comments even if it is just forcing someone to open an account.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

True Story

Veneno and I were chatting and she reminded me that I used to move alot. I would move like once a year. I swear that it was because I did not want to clean the toilet. So every year or so I would move to a new apartment. No, I did not get many female visitors. Hmm.

Sitting on the sidelines for now. Need to get the job search going. I have been slowly inquiring. Working sucks though. I wish I was an Investment Banker or something.. that sounds like a do nothing job.. ahh well..

I should quit blogging. It is becoming a pain in the ass. I think I have had pretty stale content for the past few months or so. Same ole things.. Yell at bad play, Have Anonymous cowards make comments, rinse, repeat. Just not as much fun anymore.

Until Next Time..

Monday, January 08, 2007

Appology to Weak


Weak: oooh AK. It can never lose. I am going to raise to isolate the only player in the hand.
Sir: Weak has AK, AA or KK. Let's see if we can hit a flop on him.

Score: Sir-1, Weak:0

Post Flop:

Weak: OMFG! I Flopped the Nutz! TPTK!!! How can I get paid off! I will bet 12$.
Sir: Ok. Definatly AK. Let's raise so his lucky ass does not get lucky.
Weak: He raised. I am so getting paid! He has 27o and is bluffing me!!! WOO HOO!

Score: Sir-2, Weak:0


Weak: OMFG! I have a flush draw! I have 1 card to go! I am fucking golden child! I am going to push my entire stack in!!! He is going to bluff me with his hammer! WOO HOO!
Sir: I know this fucktard does not have a flush. He has AKo. He might be drawing to a flush. I am ahead. What else can I do but call?

Score: Sir-3, Weak:0


Sir: What's new. Screwed by the river and the donkeys.

Score: Sir-$*#$&*($#&(# again, Weak:1

In all honestly I really respect Weaks game. I am sure he was not thinking the way I noted above. He is a really good player and in some ways that is why I was surprised that he put so much into one hand with a draw albeit a 40% winning draw. I still see it as investing $45 when he can expect to win 30% of the time and $100+ when he can expect to win 37% of the time as I was favorite when all of the money went in. I.E. Losing poker over the long run? Also these numbers are the best case scenario as if I had a made set or flush he loses this hand anyways much more often. I guess this is shallow thinking and anytime I have a flush draw I should push all in. Top pair top kicker. Go broke with it. I am pretty sure that Weak does not think this way or play this way. I know he is a solid player. I have alot of respect for him actually. I do not think he is a fucking tool. I just do not agree with the way he played the hand no matter what he says.

I also am very happy with the way I played the hand. I played it perfectly IMHO despite what Weak says. I read my opponent. Played my opponent. Put him on a hand. Stuck with it. Unfortionatly also lost. In reality the hand was just poker. A good draw vs a stong made hand and a good read. Nobody played extremely out of line. I apologize to Weak if my initial outburst was out of line. A lot more of it probably was directed at the AA vs KK hand. I always have to get these things out of my system immediately albeit with extreme bias. I assumed he read the blog enough to know that. That part is never going to change. I did not mean to insult him as a player and wish him the best.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fucking tools

Well that is it for me for 1/2 NL until the 15th. I lost my entire stack once with AA vs KK where I cold called a $7 bet, the person after me raised to $24, I pushed another $150 in and she called. She ends up four flushing me.

I then get into a hand with Weak player. I flop two pair to his TPTK. Of course being a Weak player he can not get away from his hand when I raise him 30 on the flop and put him all in on the turn. Of course he rivers a miracle paired board and wins the hand. Oh well. At least I am outplaying everyone I see. They need to catch lucky to beat me.

Deal or No Deal Daniel?

My photoshop skills suck but I had to join the bald Daniel bandwagon. Good news though, Fuel is NOT in jail. Sorry biker boys your going to have to wait a little while for that meat. Possibly he will show up at the 1/2 tables tonight..

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Interesting Comment

While I do think something needs to change in Fluxer's game for him to be a winning player I heard the dumbest comment I have probably ever heard in my life. I think it was from Fuel but I may be wrong. After Fluxer got sucked out on with 77 vs AA this person said "You induce people to suck out on you". Is that the fucking stupidest thing you have ever heard? I mean your saying Fluxer makes people call all in with 77 vs AA.. Is that not a fucking brilliant poker mind? Do you not want people to make that call every fucking day of the week and twice on Saturday? I mean say what you want about the guy.. and he has not won anything yet.. but if the worst thing you can say about him is he induces people to make calls like that then I think he has a bright future.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Waffleistic Type Rant

Ha! I have the best readers. Someone commented on a 2004 post I made. It is some funny shit.

I had a good time tonight. I basically broke even at the 200/NL tables which was a hell of a lot of fun. I played with such greats as Absthinamajicawhatchamicallit, Iggy, Don, Weak, Zeem, Mr. Dreamy, and many other poker super stars. Fuel chickened out or is getting gang raped in prison, I am not sure which one. Iggy was bringing it tonight let me tell ya!

I made some good calls and a few good folds, some bad calls, but for the most part held my own. I got to exchange barbs with Ryhanna and her girlfriend. She got a little miffed when I told Summer Babe I hope she was off the rag. It escalated into me coming all over her face and getting blown by five guys. Who knew. I love it when the whores get feisty! I actually have a lot of respect for whores and I probably said a few things I should not have. Oh well.

Raveen had an interesting medical post on a Pillow Child. The parents invented something called Ashleys Treatment which was meant to stunt the growth of a mentally devoid child. Now while I am totally against making the retarded any less sexually exploitable I think the parents really do love their child and did what was best for her. Half the comments on the blog entry are stupid, self righteous, and moronic comments from people who obviously did not read the article or have the reading comprehension of ... well Ashley. I think that girl has much better parents than most of us and I wish her the best.

I will be playing more 1/2 NLHE tomorrow night. I think I really am getting a world of experience playing, good, tough, strong, players. The education is worth every penny. I am getting better at reading people, putting people on hands, instinctually recognizing bluffs, and all sorts of things. I may lose my roll tomorrow night. If so I will buy back in when I get my Ad dollars.. but I am not stopping my learning experience. I think this could end up being the catapult that brings my game to a whole new level.

Are you fawking kidding me?

I got to play some more 1/2 last night with the boyz. It was a hilarious time. I doubled up early when Fuel called an all in with 13 outs on the turn. At least he assumed he had 13 outs. He easily could have had less. I had endless fun taunting him and saying he shoved in with a 9 of clubs.. he would not stop trying to make me say it was the Ace.. Funny shit. Sorry to Absenwhatchamacallit who's cat like curiosity got the better of him and made him look back through every hand history until he found that hand. It was fun. We were tweaking each other so badly.

I am going to continue to play 1/2 on no bankroll. It am enjoying it. It is making me pay more attention to people. As a matter of fact by the end of the night I picked up on a few things that Fuel did and could predict a lot of his hands.

I actually felt like Fuel was disrespecting the table a little. He lost three buyins so I have to assume he just did not care to play his "A" game. Either that or he does not have a "A" game and that is as good as it gets. If he is playing poorly just because "It is only 1/2" then I think that is disrespectful of the other top notch players at the table. This 1/2 game is a world of sharks and I respect them all. One of the reasons I want to keep playing the game is because I think it is making me a better player. If Fuel thinks its just a bunch of chumps playing 1/2 and he has 200,000 dollars in poker funds... and he can just go and win it back at 2/4 or whatever he plays.. then that is fine.. I think it disrespects the great players at the table though and in the end he is missing out.

I assume we will be playing take Sir's money again tonight.. should start fairly soon. I actually think I played well. I had a few "cooler" type moments and one HUGE brain fart.

One hand I think I played alright but not great was a hand where I had QTs. I flop top pair shit kicker and a flush draw. I bet and Fuel cold calls. The turn brings my flush and I check again. The river brings the Ace of spades and I bet. Fuel raises me a bit and I have to call with the 2nd nuts. Of course he has the KQ.. King of spades and takes a nice little pot.

I have trouble with the line between making each hand extract enough value and protecting your hands. In the case of the QT, only a four card flush is going to be bad for me.. and in a lot of situations it will not make a difference besides killing my action. I think I probably should have bet the turn but who knows. I do think if I had bet huge or gone all in on the turn Fuel would have called. I may be wrong but with that A9 hand he insta-called so I see no reason for him to fold here.

Another fun hand which I misplayed was when I had TT. The board ends up 88997 and I never hit my straight.. I end up calling off a $78 river bet from a guy with jacks. I actually put him on an overpair but was too stubborn to give up my hand. I need to go with my instincts more.

Some other funny hands were pushing all in against Fluxer with AJo, jack on the flop. He had KK.. and I rivered a jack. He was soooo pissed. Haha! Sorry man. AJ is gold and it never loses. I also showed down a hand with Fluxer and Scott where I had A2, for the A2345 rivered straight.. against Q7 and 97.. for the rivered higher straight. The board was paired and it goes to show good players like those two will not invest alot of money without the nutz or a draw to them or a damn good read. At least that is what I took from it.

Anyways.. Wish me luck tonight.. I am hoping for a decent night.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Triple Draw Hand

The world of odds,
are upside down
and I am afloat in a sea of indecision
- Me

Triple draw hand histories.. what have I lowered myself to? My NLHE game is so sick right now I switched sites and started playing triple draw. So here is a question. You are on the second draw. You have both taken one card. Your hand is this:

SirFWALGMan has Lo: 7,6,5,3,2

So. A guy 4-bets you here. Two draws left. He stands pat on the turn. So do you get more chips in this hand or call the guy down? How many bets do you put in for the remaining two betting rounds. Results in tomorrows post. I check-called down as my option.

I played a mix of super donkey idiot and excellent playah in yesterdays Mookie. I ended up having the same results. It is like Poker Odds have turned upside down for me. I get all my chips in with 2 all-in before me with QJd and I am against TT and KK. I win. I get all my chips in with AK s000ted even against AJo. I flop a king. I lose to a four flush. What the hell is going on? I finally raced with Smokkee with AK s000ted against QQ.. I forget what I donked out with in the Skiddoo but it was actually just terrible play.

Ah well. Someday the odds will come back to normal until then I am going insane.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My First Time

No this is not a story of my virgin escapades ala Theresa. If you have not read her blog please do. She is a fine writer and I can tell everything she puts down on her blog really comes from her heart. Besides I have a soft spot for hot female bloggers. Well Hot females. Well females.

I decided I needed a change of Venue so switched funds over to Riverstars. I played a little 2-7TD. For those of you who have not played this game it is somewhat fun. You basically have to get a low, without a straight, or a flush, and Aces are high. I read the Marge Primer on TD and was ready to roll. Honestly I can see where this game could be more infuriating than Razz.. Hence I love it! I think over time a skilled player could beat an unskilled player but like Razz the donkeys will have their day. I really need more in depth strategy as I do not know when to stop drawing and just give it up. I lost one buyin but it took me over five hour so I think that is a positive session.

I was taking a crap last night and had a bit of a scare. I ran out of toilet paper.. so I see that we have these pledge wipe things and figure what the hell? It can not hurt right? So I use one of those.. well six hours of burning pain and a trip to the ER later I found out this is NOT a good idea.. Ok.. Ok.. That one is NOT a true story.. but I have considered it. I just did not want to tempt fate.

Here is a good true story.. My car is getting old. Old like me. It has seen 160L+ miles and it now has new features the car designer had not envisioned.

1. The Magic Car Radio. It decides on one channel and does not let you pick any other ones. It also randomly decides to shut off and turn back on as you hit the break or slow down. It especially likes to shut off in the middle of breaking news stories.

2. The 1000 finger massager. Oh yeah. It is my favorite feature. If I get the car going over 60MPH the car starts shaking. Badly. Like imaging sitting in one of those massage chairs in the mall and turning it on full. Somehow it is less relaxing.

3. The amazing deflatable tires. I usually lose air in the front right tire once every few weeks. Lucky for me I have a tire inflater. So I just whip it out and blow the sucker back up. I guess maybe I should attach the inflater to the car permanently and drive around and when I need air turn it on.

I think I need a new car.

Also on the age front I find myself acting more like people I disdained prior to getting old. Like for instance I always hated the guys like Smokkee and Don who would call chicks by some slang term like Babe, Honey, Sweetheart, Baby Cakes.. whatever.. cmon, you dont think that Smokee didnt go up to that bar the first time he met Elfie and say "Hey Baby Cakes, Wanna come home and see my salami!". I guarantee it. However as I get older I find I enjoy it. Perhaps I am becoming a condescending prick or something.. I really do not mean anything by it.. but calling some chick Hottie and having her say "Hey Baby Whats up" is somehow fulfilling in old age. Ahh well. Live. Learn. Adapt.

One last thing.. In order to get DuggleBugger to not quit his blog in disgust I have made a tribute site. It will replace his blog should he ever decide to quit. You have been warned.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Radio Free Waffles

A blog community in bloom is a beautiful thing.  Please join me in welcoming Amy Calistri - Calistri’s Corner, Change 100, Joe Speaker, and Maudie.  I can’t say enough about them or even begin to describe my feelings at how pleased I am that they are on board. 

I have to say although I shall always call you corporate sellouts I am glad to see that Pokerworks has not effected your ability to write what you want. It was great to see Iggy post an Uber with everything from nasty twins, to Wundermouth, to who the hell knows what.. even some poker. Now that is rare. So keep it going you sellouts.

Me. How has Radio Free Waffles been going? I have normally run badly. I am even used to it to some degree. However this is really sickening. I final tabled a 180-SNG only to get all my monies in on a 234 flop against 88 with the all powerful 99. I had some worry that he might have a higher pocket pair.. but I had seen this tool chip leader make some of the worse plays ever. So I went with my guy and pushed it in on the flop. A whole 17K of chips. I would have been the new chip leader.. instead the eight on the turn dashes my hopes.

The only hands I seem able to win these days are ones I need runner-runner to win. I have actually won several of these and I am just stunned. For the most part these hands have been awfuckit hands where I knew I was dead, not always how dead, and just was pissed off and decided to go to bed. Of course when I want to call it a night I catch the only 2 cards in the deck runner-runner that I could possibly get.

If I play a token and have 2K left.. and push against the 4K stack with AK.. and he has K9.. the flop comes K9xxxx. If I have 9T and the flop comes AT8 and the other guy has A8.. I catch runner nines.. it is just some of the craziest shit I have ever seen. I am not sure what to do. I guess I will keep playing through it. I am down like 180- for the past week so not a huge amount to catch up. It would be nice if the universe went back to normal and let me win a 80%'er or two once in a while..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Something else to hate CoxLover for..

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

80% Hulk

75% Batman

70% Catwoman

60% The Flash

60% Green Lantern

55% Robin

50% Iron Man

45% Supergirl

40% Wonder Woman

30% Superman

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Your results:
You are Dr. Doom

Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity.

88% Apocalypse

88% Magneto

77% Lex Luthor

75% Green Goblin

72% Venom

70% The Joker

68% Two-Face

68% Mr. Freeze

60% Dark Phoenix

56% Juggernaut

52% Riddler

50% Mystique

48% Catwoman

47% Kingpin

46% Poison Ivy

Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test

Running poorly..

Wow what a night.. after having things like runner runner straights and turning 2 pair against what looked like a bluff of a flush this was kind of fun.. All the money was in on the flop..