Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The House that Waffles Built

My name is Waffles and this is my story. I was born on the mean streets of Boston. I know it is nothing like Compton or one of those projects but our family was poor and I always had to work hard for everything. I think it is that ethic of hard work and never giving up that has served me well in my Poker career. I started playing on Party Poker about four years ago. It was a lot of fun before Party decided to betray all of us American’s and cave in like little sissy’s.. I met a lot of good people and had fun playing and learning the game. I started up a poker blog and really started getting serious about learning to play. I switched over to Full Tilt poker and have never looked back.

The game of poker takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. It takes a dedication to the game and all of the aspects involved. It helps when you have really talented people to show you how to play. I feel like I learn from the best. I play on Full Tilt to tap into the knowledge of the professionals and to play along side of them. I have to put in the hours to get better and it is not always easy. I have my up’s and down’s and even got the name Waffles from my extraordinary bankroll management skills. If you do not hear the sarcasm in that statement then I guess I need some writing lessons too.

Over the past few years I have put in my dues and spent hours at the tables. I set aside my poker bankroll every payday and have had to deposit many times. Like I said the game is hard to master. It takes many years and a lot of failure to get good. Eventually the things that people were saying started to get through to me. I read from Chris Ferguson how to manage a bankroll and turn a dollar into thousands. I read from Howard Lederer how to use odds to my advantage. I learned cunning and pressure from the likes of a Phil Ivy. I had friends I met through Full Tilt and blogging about poker who showed me the stuff not written in books. The fact that Aces and Kings are not the only hands to play. The infinite wisdom of the Blogfather who has seen more poker than almost anyone I know outside of Doyle Brunson. The ability to drop being weak-tight and floating from guys with names like MiamiDon. Accepting that luck plays a big part of the game and only consistent hard work and effort leads to success.

Finally after putting in the years of effort and pain and sweat I sit here on the toilet collecting my thoughts watching the remains of my Kangaroo burger go down the chute in reverse and reaping the rewards of my dedication. It was the highlight of my career up to that point beating my mentors and friends in the BBTWoo to earn this seat.

Starting tomorrow I finish up my long run in the Aussie Millions. A run that started a long time ago and one that continues for a lifetime. I am already guaranteed a huge payday and at the final table tomorrow I fight for the right to a 1.5 million dollar take. The culmination of all I have learned and done from my humble beginnings at this game. I will be playing against some of the players who I learned the game from. I will be written about more eloquently than I can possibly do by another friend Dr. Pauly.. and afterwards I will join my brothers in arms for drinks and some donkey action at the 2/5 tables. I feel there is no way I can lose tomorrow because I have the power to draw on the knowledge of all of the poker players I have built my game on. You too can be a winner.

It is a Tragedy

Last night consisted of using my remaining Full Tilt points to enter the new 600-FTP 26$ Token SNG. It is a one table SNG. I played it this weekend and went 50-50 earning a token for the MATH. It is one soft game if you have some FTP points saved up. Who the fuck wants another shirt anyways right? Possibly guys like Chad have enough points for a Ferrari or whatever high end stuff the store has but if you are like me and only have a few thousand then this is not a bad investment.

The first SNG went horribly bad when I was a huge chip leader and some guy sucked out on me on the river not once, not twice, but three times. I was making huge raises. His excuse for his donkerific play: "I had an OESD dude".. Just some basic math for those of you mentally challenged.. your never ahead on the turn and an OESD on the turn is not worth most of your stack. Fucktards.

So I was going to pack it in for the night when IT says "So you gonna play another one?".. I say "Ok, you convinced me. If I lose I blame you. If I win you get 5% of whatever I win with the token".. Of course the deadbeat was all for that. So I played my fourth game and destroyed the competition mercilessly. I will be using the token for the Friday Night 24K. IT hopes I win.

After that game Poker Enthusiast halls me into a 1$ Razz SNG. Now this deadbeat offers a last longer bet.. so I say "Ok, your on for .77 cent last longer".. you see I have 11.77 at this point and have to but into the Mookie tonight. So I beat him soundly and have yet to get my .77 cents. He possibly thought I was joking but I think it is likely he is a deadbeat too.

The Razz game was fun. A $1 Razz SNG with Judesalem, Poker Enthusiast, and everyones favorite punching bag: Surflexus. I decided I had to save my mental state by pre-occupying myself with something.. So I created a Sanitation Worker character with an accent from New Jersey. He was talking shit the whole game. It was a blast. Calling Judesalem Babe and Honey.. Telling the two ladies at the table how "Yous and me is gonna be the last three so we can have one of dem menajitwas".. I just went house and had a great time. I probably offended someone along the way.. but I ended up taking second place against Judesalem and having a lot of fun.

Now I am working on my Essay to Australia. I may suck at writing and not even want to go to Australia all that much but I enjoy writing about my favorite subject -- no not poker, MYSELF, and so I will give it a shot. Look for it later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox, Patriots, Lions, Sheep, and Bloggers

I have been busy for the past weekend just enjoying the sports atmosphere that has been created in New England. We have it all baby.

The Red Sox win another World Series and become almost as hated (More Hated?) as the Yankees. Speaking of the Evil Empire.. they are falling apart faster than Rome.. Torre is gone.. A-Rod is going.. The walls come crumbling down.. I would shed a tear for my good friend The Doctor but he had his golden age and can wait for another few years for another one.

The Patriots make a supposedly good Washington Defense look like High School Pop Warner. It should be a good year for the boys in blue. I think you can send the Super Bowl Crown to Boston if we blow out Indy next week.

Even Boston College is doing well.. Just a short hope, skip, and jump behind the beautiful Love Elf's Ohio State team. It would be very sad if my BC team knocked her Ohio team from the top spot much like the Patriots knocked the Chargers out of the playoffs last year.

As a bonus the Red Sox won the World Series on my boys NINTH birthday. Holy fuck am I old enough to have a nine year old? I guess I feel like I could be.. Ah well..

The MATH was fun and interesting. It gave me a lot to think about. I ended up going out in 33rd place or so.. I forgot who took me out but anyways.. I made a good read but a possibly bad decision.

Here is the situation. The blinds are at 300 with a 25 Ante or so. I have around 5K in chips. I am in the big blind and Donkorama pushes in. Now to be fair Mr. Donkey is a short stack and has to do something. So pushing in with crap on the button is obviously not the worst thing he could do. I look down and see A8 s00ted and know I am slightly ahead.. it is 2K more to call. So should I fold?

My read was totally correct and I was racing A8 against Q7 and lost. Normally in poker if your sure you are ahead you would go an call. However Don brought up the point that there is no reason to risk your chips on a coin flip at that point. You want to be jamming your chips in and have maximum fold equity instead of calling off large amounts of chips and hoping to win races. Interesting stuff to mull over.

So anyway that essentially killed me and I made a moronic call with KJ s000ted against AA and QQ.. yeah, I know, I run good... to finish my last 2.5K or so. I really did not need to do that. I could have waited for a better spot obviously. I had enough chips left but let the last hand get to me. At least I got to see Evy (When you gonn start a blog girl?) and CK.. I guess that will have to satisfy me until Wednesday. Hell on the good side at least Bayne continues to suck worse than I do. Until next time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Across The Globe

Middle Easterner's sure know how to throw a good party..

A Middle Eastern version of the succubus known as "um al duwayce" (أٌم الدويس) portrays this succubus as a beautiful, alluringly scented woman who wanders the desert on the hooves of a camel. While other forms of the succubus participate in sexual intercourse to collect semen and become impregnated, this particular succubus is instead a judge of character and exacts revenge on those who commit adultery. She attempts to lure these men to have intercourse with her, at which time sharp razors within her vagina slice off the partner's penis, leaving him in agonizing pain. Having rendered the man helpless, she turns into her true form and proceeds to eat him alive.[citations needed]


Another enjoyable night of playing with drunken retards. All good fun. Good fun. I have learned from my many deep finishes in this game that it is imperative to NOT play hard early on. The donk quotient is way too high and you will get buried by a blackjack hand.

I went deeeeep in this one. No really big hands stand out. IT was all just standard poker. I got short a few times. Had to jam with 2-s00ted cards and got called by AQ or some crap.. I doubled up. Deeper in I just did not have my hands hold up. I lost AK vs 56 s000ted.. did a steal-attempt that I had to fold with A5o.. and then was forced to go all in and lost a race Q4 vs A9. All in all I think I played well and just did not get the cards when it counted.

I continued my horror watching escapades with Wes Craven Presents: They. It was a fun movie to watch. In addition I flipped back to The Fury which is an old style classic but not that good.

Next up will probably be the Hoy on Monday I think... Not sure right now. The Sox continue to win. W000T! Yes I am a homer! Hopefully I am more annoying than any Red Sox fan out there because that is my goal in life: to annoy people. Patriots continue to roll on baby. Sports is good.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I love Supernatural Forums

There is just a lot of humor to be found in these places.. like check out this one conversation:

Demon Hunter: the demons are evil ghosts or just...demons? [** You would think a Demon Hunter would know this already **]
codyjo60: a demon is a person or animal sent to hell when it died then satan made it into a human form, and made it his minion.
careful_turtle: [quote]WHEN PEOPLE AND ANIMALS DIE,THEY DO NOT BECOME DEMONS OR ANGELS.angels and demons alike are completely seperate beings from humans.[/quote]
Exactly, Jem.
codyjo60: o.k. whatever crazies

So much fun watching crazy people call other crazy people crazy right?


Too bad I did not get in on that last longer.. No fundage for it right now. I noticed I outlasted a bunch of the donks but who won? Ah well..

Last night the Mookie was just frustrating. I really never got any cards and whenever I raised (even from EP) I got re-jammed and had to fold. I think I made some good folds.. finally Columbo re-jams me when I raised 900 in ep with a crappy hand.. I had 2K behind and the blinds were 300.. So I decided to gamble.. Unfortunately he was re-raising with a lovely crappy AQo that totally dominated my QJ s000ted.. The queen on the flop was just to rub it in. Ah well... Some night you just can not get anything going. So I went out in 56th or something pathetic like that.

See you tonight at Riverchasers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


See you all at the Mookie tonight. I have been playing some damn fine poker lately and I am going to fuck someone up. I predict a first place victory tonight.

I love October. All of the channels start playing the horror movies. I watched the following ones in the past few days -- some better than others..

Dancing on Graves
This movie started off kind of scary and then went campy on me. It is about these dim wits that go to a funeral, get plastered, and go off to a gravesite and start dancing on the graves. Well it turns out this invokes a supernatural curse and the ghosts come out to haunt them. Also just for shits and giggles they had gone to the "Bad Part" of the grave where they bury the undesirables like Murderers, Arsons, and Sickos.

The Classic Clive film. Really fun to watch. The one that started the whole Hellraiser series.

Very campy collection of stories from Stephen King. Fun to watch if you like movies like Tales from the Crypt.

Sin City
Not necessarily horror but fun none the less. This is a weird comic book adaptation. Most of it is black and white with certain aspects colored. It makes for an interesting film look. It also contains a ton of hot looking chicks. Sweet movie. I recommend it.

Poltergeist II
This is much worse than the first one but better than the third one. Still kind of fun to watch but not very scary.

In addition to that I get to surf around to various sites and read people write their crazy stories. It is a lot of fun to read some of these although a whole bunch of these people seem like wackjobs. Take this for instance..

To tell you the truth, I had plenty of experiences! With the grandpa and his ghostly friend holding me back on my bed, and the other things that I might tell you in my other stories.

Um... sweatie.. I do not think that was a ghost.. errr.. perhaps "Grandpa" should um, well.. ok.. Anyways.. The replies in the comments are the best. Now I am not going to make blanket judgments to what exists and does not. How the hell do I know right? I can only relate what I have seen or felt at any given time. I do find these a lot of fun to read though and sometimes they can be scary if your all alone at night.

Finally.. my children have finally out tricked ole dad. I am the horror of the house. I like to sneak behind walls and pop-out and scare everyone. Even once when my son was like five I put a scary head on his floor that makes noise when it moves. So when he jumped out of bed in the morning it went "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA".. and freaked him out.

So the family decided to get revenge on me.. last night they put a scary head on the back of the door.. So I drag my tired ass in the house after dark and first thing I head is "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA".. and I fucking jumped a mile. The whole family was laughing there asses off. I have vowed revenge. I will keep you posted on how traumatized I make the children.

My wife got extra laughs from me last night as I was walking into the kids room and saw what looked like a blow up world globe.. you know the plastic balloon ball types.. so I kick it.. and well, lets just say it was not exactly soft. OW!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Bubble Boy! Woo Hoo! Actually I totally enjoyed last nights game. No major suckouts for or against.. I actually probably showed down 5 hands all night. It is how I wish poker was every night. Sure I did not win. It was fun though.

I made a massive move on Kaellin which was fun. I flopped an OESD against his big pair. I think he had a big pair. I have T7o. The flop comes K89. I bet out. He raises me. I jam all in. He asks if I hit a two outer on him and I say "I think I might have". He uses up all his time then folds to me. When I told him what I had he was like "BS!".. pretty fun.. Actually it shows that Matt is a good player and can get away from hands.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I got Aces like 9x and made very little on them. I tried every method. Massive re-raise. Minor re-raise. Call. Everything. Just my starting table was a bunch of weak-tight nits or something. Crazy. Haha! Like I said I showed down about 5 hands all night and I was raising like crazy.

I ended the night with a questionable play. Might be night to hear from the MTT Donkeys what they think. We are down to eleven spots and nine pay. The blinds are 1000/500+Ante. Joe Speaker who had been raising a lot prior to this puts in a standard raise. I look down and see tens. I have 15k in chips with two spots to pay day. However I am like 10 of 11 in chips. I have very few blinds left and the table is short. So I go ahead and jam in.

Is it smarter to fold here and just steal in position or is the jam warranted? Joe ends up turning over Kings and a K on the flop negates the T on the turn and that is all she wrote for me. So what would you winning tourney donks have done?

See you all tomorrow night in the Moookie!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Heyyyy Baaabbbyyy

I have heard rumor through the grape vine that a certain sexy underwear talking wife of a certain doctor does not feel like she is invited to our December gathering.

Now I can assure you that you are totally and entirely invited and everyone who reads my blog will affirm this in the comments. Reasons:

1. You have a blog and play poker. This is the only requirement of being part of our fraternity. Is a fraternity only guys? I am so uneducmicated. Anyways.. whatever the fuck we call this hear part of the blogsphere.

2. You are a chick. We do not have enough of those. We are filthy, disgusting, poker degenerates, and any woman is a good woman. Especially one who would consider sitting down and chatting with us while playing cards.

3. You husband knows how to kill people. As a group we are not very strong. Trained, scary, military men scare us. We do not want to aggravate them. Besides the fact that he is doing a great service to all of us back home.

4. Did I mention you look hot for an old married lady? lol.

Ok. Ok. I better stop before I get into trouble.. but you are so welcome to come to the December blogger thingy and I am sure everyone will make you feel right at home. It is a cool bunch of degenerates even if they drink a little too much. So come if you like. Consider yourself invited.


I am fucking so sick of poker. It really is pissing me off. A combination of semi-bad plays and just horrible luck has been fucking me up lately. First I start the weekend off with an UNBELIEVABLE run of two outers. I will note just two of 6 of the types of hands I had in a span of an hour.

I was playing a token frenzy or some such crap and I get all my chips in with JJ vs TT and a ten spikes the river.. I am playing against CoxLover one of my favorite Nemesis's and I outflop his jacks with my Ace.. and he turns a set. Now I do not blame him at all for turning the set. I did not try and push him out of the hand. I knew for a fact he did not have an ace. So I make a bad play and get myself stacked. I really should have re-evaluated when he suddenly showed strength.

One annoying comment though.. He was like "You did not push me out of the hand".. Yes, you are right Cox. Let us evaluate pussy poker vs good poker. You have a guy at 8% to win a hand.. you A. Push him out of the pot because you are a fucking pussy and do not want to make any money, B. Suck it up an accept it when he makes his fucking miracle card on the turn. I do not mind a bit slow playing him there. I do not fault his play at all. I just think if you are sure your opponent has a pair and you have out flopped him let him pay you off. You can continue being a pussy and making no money for your hand. It is fine. My only regret again on my play in that particular hand was not reassessing on the turn and letting my hand go.

I decided to play a MTT and be exceptionally aggressive.. I call this the LJ style.. although the way I played is not exactly like her. So I am rolling along doing well and I raise 96s.. The flop comes 6xx with no big cards.. and so I jam all in. This is the LJ factor. Of course you have to have the L-lucksack for this to work.. and a guy calls me with Q2o.. no pair.. no draw... Q fucking 2.. Queen on the river and I am down some chips..

So I decide to LJayy it up again and I jam A7o from early position and when I get called I am like "FAWK! I am dead!".. of course I get called by A4... and yes a fucking four does fall on the flop. Fucking cocksucking game. I swear I do not want to be lucky. I just want the odds to be the same as other people which clearly they are not.

I seriously donked out on the Big Game. One hand that seemed to be misplayed was a bluffing hand.. but the more I think about it the more I think I played it alright. The flop comes 79T or some such crap with two flush cards. I have a draw but sense weakness in my opponent. So I fire all three bullets since the flush does not hit on the river. It turns out he made trip 7's on the river. Here is the deal though. If he does not hit that third seven I doubt he calls my river bet. He was basically drawing to a flush.. where I put him on a draw and tried to push him out.. I am alright with that play.

So then I decide to throw my last $55 onto a SNG. I am rolling with six left. First in chips.. I make a risky call but based on my read of my opponent a good one.. I call his all in with AQo for 1/3 my stack... I had seen him jam worse before and I am ECSTATIC when he turns over KQ.. Queen on the flop.. King on the turn.. and I am down a third of my stack. I would have been a HUGE chip leader with six left if my "dominating" hand held up.

I mean what the fuck? How many fucking 70-90% favorite hands am I supposed to lose? Apparently 90% favorite means 50% for me. Fucking so sick of poker. It is just a total game of luck. Might as well throw a fucking coin in the air and call heads or tails for what difference outplaying people makes. Sometime this game just sucks.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kicking Baynes Ass

I enjoyed a HUGE amount kicking Baynes ass. Stacking him for one buyin.

[03:19] SirFWALGMan: that was a sick river card
[03:19] Bayne: you called a reraise with QT donk? (He was not the one who reraised a short stack did)
[03:20] SirFWALGMan: ya
[03:20] SirFWALGMan: i figured enouh people were in it
[03:20] SirFWALGMan: and it was s00ted like your 89
[03:20] SirFWALGMan: lol
[03:20] Bayne: 89 not as easily dominated
[03:20] SirFWALGMan: i made a frush throw

So him and Scott team up on me for revenge. I have KK pre-flop and I raise 3$ to their weak ass limps.. I get called by both fuckers and the flop comes all clubs. Scott bets all in, Bayne calls, and so I have a 80$ pot sitting with a hand I am sure I am behind on.. but I have outs. It turns out lucksack called me with 99 and flopped a set and ScottyMcRetard called me with Q3c and flopped a flush. I did not suckout my club and I lost a 113$ pot.. I decided it would be best to leave after that. I had a nice double up as profit.. and while the ninety I had before was better I figured I would call it a night.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Asian People Please Forgive Me

I have forsaken the "O" word because I have done some research and figured out this is not acceptable UNLESS I move to Europe and I sure as hell do not want to be a stinking European. Oh crap. There I go getting myself in trouble again.

I had a nice talk with LJ and she explained the difference to me. I swear to whatever deity you all believe in that I had no idea. Her explanation was kind of lacking though. I mean she was like "Oriental is Rugs not People".. which inherently is correct but someone made those rugs didn't they? Was there a long lost race of Oriental people that the Asians hated? I had to do some research so I would not offend my new friend.

I actually do not use the "O" word usually.. Even if I had no idea it was bad. I was influenced by reading some other websites that were using the word. So when I was writing my post it was on the top of my mind.

I mean I think I am winning her over. I believe she is offering to do gratuitous sexual things to me but I am not sure. I had to look up BWOP too.

ckbluffer said...
Waffles wouldn't know about "O" people even if one bwopped on his face.

Sounds like an offer to me??!?!? No? Even if it is not one I think this is a sure sign I am winning her over. So I found a really good article that explained why the "O" word was "O"ffensive. Serves me right for watching Bonanza and old John Wayne movies.

So I am still confused as to how bad of an insult it is. Like does it rank up with the "N" word for blacks? Can other Asians call each other "O"? Like "Heyyyy whassssup O".

Also is it considered bad when I hear people at my table say things like "Freaking LAG Asian bastards!" At least they use the right terminology.

I have no idea. It is impossible for someone as socially retarded as me to ever figure out what is polite and politically correct. I will continue to try and learn and adapt though.

I also found a whole country that is totally politically incorrect. I can not believe George Bush has not bombed these guys yet. I am writing my Congress man now. Sick sick people.

Anyway I hope my new friend will accept my sincere apology and realize I spoke out of ignorance not any kind of degradation of any people. I am an equal opportunity hater and do not hate based on race, creed, color, or any other factors. Breathing is enough. Until later.

Do you Remember Monster Trading Cards?

You would have to be old like me but you can Monsterize your name if you would like.

Donkarama Kordinky

Last night was actually fun. Bayne and I were fucking with each other as hard as we could and put our entire table on tilt play ATC against each other whenever possible. My favorite hand of the night was jamming Queens into his Aces and flopping QUADS! DQB MOTHAFUCKA! It was pretty crazy.

I ended the night down one Riverchaser's buyin on another bad call deep in a tourney and minus a ten spot from the cash games. Not a horrible night by any means. Tonight is the night of a million Donkeys.

First off starts Katitude's Donkarama of fun. If you have never played this 1$ rebuy for the mentally challenged you should. Leave your serious side at the door and just have fun jamming those -EV calls all night long. After the rebuy is over it settles down to normal blogger donkery. The Password is donkarama and it one of the most fun times ever.

After the rebuy period we have the KORD. The pathetic attempt of an overweight, used to be athlete, to recapture his glory years by hosting his own tourney. The Enthusiast has thrown in HIS RAKEBACK MONEY for this tourney to sweeten the pot and make an overlay. I will be signing up for this at the same time as Katitude's donkarama so I do not miss it by accident. Turbo fucking Razz is like shooting retarded kids in a barrel. It should be a blast.

See you all there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is a Paid Review

This is a paid review for Online Gin Rummy. Do you remember those special times playing Gin rummy with your folkes. Putting down pennies and having them rob you of your entire allowance? Was it not special? Ok. I am grasping here. I never played Gin Rummy before in my life. However this site has a good place to start: A full tutorial! The demo brings you through all aspects of the game and teaches you basic play.

Just like any gambling site you can start off at the play money tables and learn your way around. When you are ready you can use any of the many methods of payment the site uses to deposit money. Here is what they say about the real money games:

Please note: The RummyRoyal real money skill-based games are intended for play within the U.S. for players whose legal jurisdiction permits this kind of gaming by law and who are 18 years of age or older only. The play is void in all U.S. Territories (e.g. Guam and Puerto Rico) and where prohibited by law.

If you are a resident of states Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland and Tennessee, you are permitted to download our software and play in practice mode as much as you would like. However, you will not be able to purchase and be a participant in the money ring games and\or tournaments, as well as win any of the promotional prizes.

Sounds like fun. Do people call each other Sharks and Fish at the rummy tables? IS there a timeout for when your respirator batteries need changing? I have no idea. At least you do not have to deal with the diaper smell you get at the Stud tables. So go play some Gin Rummy and see if you can become the king baby!

PART II:Blogger Sucks

I think blogger only allows a couple of images.. So where were we.. Least it gave me a chance for a quick bathroom break... Nope. Blogger hates me and will not upload any more pictures.. Oops now it is calling me a liar..

Now this really encompasses the whole picture. I mean we have the whole school girl thing which is always hot.. a nice white top that exposes the cleavage and a short skirt. I think Carmen would fill this out nicely...

Since it is football season we might as well throw one of these in. Much thanks to Wicked Temptations and Buy Costumes for the lovely models.

Let us know if you have any other ideas Carmen. I know you do not have much time to think about Halloween so I thought I would help out. Love Always. Waffles.

On to Important Business

On to more important business than BuddyDonkey and his riddonculous curse. I have friends in Idaho and believe me it is cheap to get someone killed there man. Keep cursing me you bastard.

The more pressing matter is what is Carmen going to wear for Halloween? Cmon baby! You know your going to go out and do something. So I thought I might put in some suggestions in a post.

Now this first one I picked is probably because I have a thing for orientals. I can not tell the difference between any of them so I group them all together. While this does not show your lovely cleavage and probably needs to be disqualified on just that merit alone it does give your long luscious legs a chance to shine. I mean have you people seen those legs? They are pretty damn hot.

While this appeals to me a little because of the whole give me a beer concept I think again it does not show enough cleavage.

Now this really appeals to my WoW nerd side. I mean this easily could pass as a stunning Night Elf Barbarian Babe. The whole tough dominating thing with a little D&D geek thrown in really could get things going for me.

The whole innocent angel thing is not so great.. but at least this one shows some nice cleavage. Perhaps I need to check out some better costume stores.. hmmm..

Buddy Donkey

First off BuddyDooosh pictured above had better never ever fucking choose me again as his pick of doom.

Last night was pretty mixed. I played really well in the Mookie with the exception of one move with the Asian Jew but how could I resist. She is just so cute. I then donked off my stack in a marginal move I did not have to make against I assume the evil Wankah. I do not think the good Wankah commits his stack on an A33 board with AT.. Of course my call with A9 was horrendous and it did not matter anyways since a ten spiked the river anyways.

I also donked off two buys in cash and lost a HU SNG AQ vs AJ all in pre-flop. Not a pretty night. At least I got to own Chad.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is Not an Ad

Never in your life ever buy fucking Progresso soup. I have been under the weather for the past few days and have been eating soup for lunch. Yesterday I had Campbell's and everything went smooth.

Today I buy this piece of shit Progresso stuff. Oh my fucking god. I am so on soup tilt. First off the god damn cap was so fucking hard to pull off. Just the plastic outside cap. These are supposed to be easy microwave things and I have to break my delicate fingers to pull the damn cap off.

Next the tin inside is made of some cheap ass metal or something.. so when I go to pull it off the thing snaps and soup goes flying all over my desk and monitor. I get that cleaned up and finally get the soup cooked. It takes 2 minutes where the Campbell's takes 1.45 thank you very much..

So anyway I get the soup out and it tastes like shit. I swear. They had chicken squat over the god damn soup and shit in it. Fucking retarded. Campbell's is the better soup in my opinion. Progresso can go suck my ass. I hope all you cheap fuckers die.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Something is wrong with me..

I have no idea what the fuck is going on but I have won 7 buyins three times in the past two weeks. I am up to 300 in the old FT poker account and could have been up even more if Lucksack did not flop a boat when I flopped trips. I thought he had an over pair for sure but no such luck. JJ6 flop with QJ vs 66.. I do not think I can fold there. So instead of leaving up 160 or so I only had 140.. *sigh*.

It was a fun night and I was hitting everything.. I started out crappy. I played a small MTT and my tens were no good against AK and AJ. I then donked off one buyin playing like a total retard and was down to $13 of my second buyin before I went on a mad rush. Fluxer tilted hard and donated a few buyins. I would have preferred not winning that way but what can you do when someone pushes in every hand and rebuys.

I won once with 77 vs his Q5 and another time with AK vs his AQ. I hit the K on the flop to seal the deal and take out a shorty with 77 also. It was fun. Like I said I was hitting everything.

I coolered Fuel a few times for some nice pots. The rest was just all either nice aggression or good play or hitting nicely. I took out a little tard when I flopped top pair king kicker and flush draw vs his JJ. I turned the king. I was actually a 51.6% favorite and I know Wes would have jammed.

I really attribute this all to a good run. I mean making 7 buyins a night is pretty amazing and I have never done it before. I have always been the guy who wins 1/2-1 buyin.. However this has been a fun change..

Two Worst Plays Last Night

First off I have a nice feature I worked on this morning.. I asked people "Why is sucking out so much fun?". I mean seriously. If you play cash for any length of time and play it solidly it becomes somewhat methodical and boring. Winning is boring somewhat. Sure having a nice bankroll is cool. Yet boring. Having that one card you need fall on the river now that is exciting. Here are some other answers from bloggers around the world.

"coz payback's a bitch"
"it is fun.. you don't have to think.."
"always has been"
"ha, because it's money your weren't supposed to get like finding $10 on the street"
"Is that a rhetorical question? For me it depends. But at least it's a relief."

There is an honest good feeling about playing well but you can not beat sucking out for the rush.

It might surprise you to know that I do not consider my hand against Bayne to be one of the worst two of the night. It was just a hand where I tried to push him off with a draw and outs (8 outs if you use the approved method but really 6 at the time) and he can not fold TP. Easy. lol.

Here are the two I most regretted.

1. I have TJd on a 89x 2 diamond flop. Sucker bets out .50 and I re-raise to $2 getting us heads up. The turn is a diamond. He leads out for five. This guy never bets and I am convinced I am up against a bigger flush. He leads out for another $5 on the river... and he has Q7 diamonds for the Q-high flush. I lost the minimum on the hand probably.. but I had a READ and it was a fucking good read and yet I did not act on it. Big hole for me. My feelings (not the ones where I think my OESD is gonna hit) and instincts are damn good sometimes and I have to be more willing to let hands go and never know for a fact I was right. It costs to much to see you were right.

2. I saw KOD make a value bet on the river and should have called him with 5th pair. I knew he was just betting with air.. I did make a few decent calls against him when I felt he was pushing his straight draws just because he was bored (or maybe he plays that way all the time? I actually have a ton of respect for the guy and think he probably does not play cash that way).. So why not call the river bet?

Having good instincts is so important.. if you have them you also need to go with them. Sometimes you will look like a stupid calling station donk when you are wrong.. or you will fold the winning hand.. but more often than not it is what makes a good player and is why it is hard to teach people to play poker.

Anyway.. those were my only regrets.. I probably will be around playing cash tonight.. so Bayne will have a chance to win back his cash. Good luck.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Forgive me my Sins

I committed the ultimate in donkeyhood upon Bayne last night. It was the most fun I had all night. I jammed my hand with an OESD on the flop. Now Bayne could have folded his Aces but he did not.. and he paid the price. I would ask his forgiveness but he has fucked me enough in the past.. I will leave it up to you gentle readers to decide if jamming a draw on the flop is classic Waffles or not.. I am always amused by the comments about my play.

Thanks everyone for coming out.. LJ, Mookie, Chad, Don, Bayne, Surflexus, and ScottyMC all made appearances at the "Take Waffles Money" table. I ended up one buyin courtesy of Bayne.. and up a small amount at a second table. Bankroll stands at just over 200 at the moment.

I got fucked in Omatard MTT when I had a wrap and middle pair and the other guy had a OESD and Flush. I jammed him all in on the turn actually ahead in the hand (slightly) and he spikes his damn flush on the river. Oh well.

Sunday Poker-rama

I played the Pokerstars Blogger MTT on Sunday. It was an interesting game for me. I made every read correctly and yet did not fold once. I was like "This dude has a flush".. and I called.. I was like "This guy has Aces on a 872 board and instead of folding my Queens I jammed".. lol. Perfect reads. Imperfect play. Does not work well.

I finally cracked my losing streak on Blinders Fantasy Sports Live. I won second in both a Baseball and Football contest. I picked the RedSox on Friday night and Beckett and the boys came through for me.. and then I chose a nice lineup for Sunday and placed second. So now I am only down three bucks so far. Not bad.

Sunday night a good friend sends me thirty out of the blue on Full Tilt. He was flush in his monetary success of the night and passed some along no strings attached.. so I promptly jumped on a 25/NL game and ran the stack up six buyins before leaving.

I played a decent game. One guy got so pissed off when I jammed the flop on him. He is like "I folded jacks! You probably had AK".. so all night I rubbed it in on how I jammed AK and he folded. He was your typical stereotype guy who plays AA/KK, and overplays pairs a lot, and is very tight. SO I gave him absolutely no action. He got stacked one but ended the night up.

The table was really good for everyone except Mookie who was having fun donating. Fastpitch and ScottMc made appearances as well and I think Fallstaff? It was a good time all around and now I have about 170 to work with after paying back the initial loan. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Contrary to Popular Belief

Well, I guess I'll always have the love and admiration of Waffles, for whom no 'gina is a bad 'gina.


Contrary to popular belief there is some 'gina that I would not hit.

When I was 18 a group of friends and I would get together and figure out what the weirdest fucked up porn we could find was and watch it. So having seen this first kind of 'gina in action I definitely can not see the appeal: Necrophilla. I really think that having my 'gina live is a good idea. Even though you would think combining Night of the Living dead and Debbie does Dallas would make for a good idea I have to say it is not my idea of a good time.

The second type of 'Gina I think I would have to pass up is: Pig 'Gina. I have never gotten the attraction some guys see in watching a chick suck off a donkey and I for sure would like to keep to the human realm. I guess some people raised on farms or something would be into that but I think I would have to pass.

Fat chicks are a total no-no. Now I am not talking about overweight chicks. I like those fat chicks.. they are for the most part the most interesting and loveable women around. When you start measuring your weight in tons though I have to draw the line. The rule of thumb for me: If you have not seen your 'Gina in five years then I do not want to either. I mean shooting into some load your pray is the 'Gina is not really a good sport to try.

As Kaja mentioned Man 'Gina is out too. If you even look like you have a adams apple then just keep moving along. I never really understood the gay guy thing. I can understand chicks. If they are lesbian they are not missing out on much. They can lick and suck and strap on and get everything they are used to. It seems like gay guys are just looking for pain. I mean have you ever had a big shit that was hard coming out? I look in the toilet and that shit does not seem too big.. and it is squishy and flexible.. where some guys huge cock would seem to not be.. I am all for a little pain in my sex but I think I need to draw the line somewhere.

There are several other types of 'Gina I would pass up. I may not be the pickiest person in the world but yes even I have some standards. So for the record: Some 'gina is bad 'gina.


King of Razz Donkeys is putting up some of his own hard earned scratch in a tourney to be held next Friday night. The game starts after the rebuy period of the Katitude Donkeyment ends.. Razz is all about folding so playing both should not be a problem.

So basically you can shove all in for an hour, then fold every hand for an hour, and call it fun since your a loser who has nothing to do on Friday night. I am so there!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pimping the Head Pimp

Sunday's With Dr. Pauly ripped from his site. What could be more fun than Fantasy Sports Live every Sunday with the good Doctor? Strippers. Lap Dances. SoCo friends. Sounds like a blast. Go check it out on his site if you have not already.

Thank You For Flying ATA

Interesting story about a passenger who alleges they were harassed while on an ATA flight. I think if some asshole air cocktail waitress hassled me I would probably turn the device off. However the behavior of the crew to the passenger is retarded. It is just so hard to find good help these days.

Hottie of the Month

Carmen is the sexual fantasy of the month for the perverted foreign bastards at Pokerweblogs. Haha! Seriously.. those guys are more desperate than I am.. you should read the marriage proposals she has gotten. Anyway.. congrats.. I guess..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

God Hates Me

SirFWALGMan: why cant i get lucky late in mtts
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: just have one 70-80%;er hold up
ScottMc: because god hates you man didnt you get the memo?
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: ya
SirFWALGMan: i forgot

I tried the Mookie out again this week. Mookie wonders why I want to gouge his eyes out for starting this fucking tourney. Same ole ass reaming. Remember last week when I had a nice stack and Bayne the Donkasaurus outdraws my AK with AT.. then Ruckbox finishes me off with Q7 vs QT.. Fucker..

This week did not get any better.. As I was deep.. with a 5K stack and looked down to see 88.. So I call an ep bet with the pair trying to see a flop. The flop comes 467. Jammyhawk umm.. jams.. for basically my whole stack.. The original EP raiser folds.. So I think my eights are actually good. I have CK left to act behind me.. but I know she just called because the pot odds were damn good.. So she folds.. and my opponent turns over 75 for the TPSK OESD.

Now I will not fault DonkeyHawk for putting a 5K bet down here.. It represented about 1/3 his stack. I do think it was somewhat idiotic with the EP guy left to act afterwards as well as two others. Now CK and I would only have dented his stack.. the EP player had his ass covered.. and would he have called with his draw if jammed for all his chips? We may never know.. but assuming he is not a total donkey (big assumption here) I would think he could let that hand go if it is for all his chips and then where is he? Lost 1/3 of his stack on a bad semi-bluff. I think if he KNEW it was going to be HU with me and had TP and the draw it is an ok move..

Anyway.. we all know how this story ends.. What is the most painful card you can think of? His straight outs were 8.. so the most pain would be catching a third seven.. which came on the turn.. CK could not stand to be without me so she went out on basically the next hand.

It is hard to keep getting your money in as a 70-80 favorite late in these things and losing but that is the essence of what makes a good MTT player ..bah.. fucking poker..

Haunted Weekend

I was just talking to Carmen who is back from her harrowing weekend of flying and driving for wayyyy too many hours. I would pay cash money to see her and Blonde make out all weekend. I hope that Carmen does not find any guys for Blonde and makes good on the threat(promise?) she made in her blog . I can not even imagine how hot that would be even to hear about. heh. Ok I am a perv. Shoot me.

She asked how my weekend was. So I told her I was haunted by a ghost this weekend. Now this could be my silly imagination acting up but it was pretty weird. Here is what happened.

The kids and the wife left for the weekend. It is always a mixed bag when they leave because it is nice to have some calm and quiet but I also miss the kids a ton. I am not sure how some of the bloggers who are divorced handle it. Every time I think about how much fun it would be to just throw off all of my responsibilities and run off to Vegas and just have fun it all comes back to the kids and how much I would miss them. I got a nice little taste of that when the wife threw me out for a week. I was just reading all the nice comments people made during that time. I would probably tear up if I was a fucking fag or something. No offense to fags.. you are good people.

Anyway this was about haunted houses not haunting memories of the past. So I swear not ten minutes after the kids leave this toy starts playing "The wheels on the bus go toot toot toot". Now I know what your saying. I mean a ghost would do something scary like spit pea soup on your ass or make things float. I mean how is a little kids song scary. So maybe I have a retard of a ghost or something I have no idea. All weekend long though this song would kick off at weird times. Nobody else in the house. I am 2 rooms away from the damn toy. Just sporadically "The wheels on the bus...".. Every day for the whole weekend. I ignored it mostly. I figured maybe it would get bored and go away?

So the kids and the wife come back and not a peep from the toy since. Four days of no song. Weird? Now I am not going to say for sure it was a ghost like experience. I mean it is a fucking toy and who knows what could have set it off. I have had some other weird experiences in the house.. like seeing shadows moving around and hearing footsteps running down the hallway when nobody was upstairs. The scariest was when I was coming into the house late one night and I hear something say "Marshalll....".. I thought it was the wife at first but she was sound asleep. The weird stuff has quieted down for a while so that was why this experience was kind of odd..

Not sure what to think. While I do think that some ethereal world does exist with things we do not understand I am not sure if I am willing to attribute this to anything. It was just odd....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Smokers are Dumb?

I am just waiting for the state to come in and take her fetus away from her and implant it in a good Christian woman.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Is Tony G an Asshole?

I love this question from High Stakes Poker. Is Tony from the streets an asshole? I think MANY MANY poker players think that the game is WAR. In war anything goes. I think Tony is one of those guys who gets caught up in pissing people off to make them make mental mistakes. We have all been at the table with "that guy" and a lot of people will go gunning for someone who is being an asshole. Playing a different style than you normally would is -EV and so effective. However most people at the table believe that poker has a set of rules and etiquette that should be followed. I actually think less people every day follow these unspoken rules and poker has regressed into a bunch of spoiled kids calling each other names. What is your opinion? Is poker WAR or do we have room for civilized play? Is Tony G an Asshole or is he just trying to get an advantage over other players? Are his antics good or bad for poker? Do you give a fuck at all?

Boxers or Briefs

The lovely and charming Mrs. Dr. Chako has a nice article on underwear complete with a picture of her body double. Very good stuff. If you have not been reading her she is a fun read and you should start at the beginning.

However she misstates that the male underwear issue is an easy one. I for one have endless troubles trying to decide. On the one hand Boxers just seem stupid. I mean nothing to catch any dingle berries that might fall from the tree per say. Also.. and I know some of you do not have to worry about this.. but am I the only one who is embarrassed when my pants are shooting out about 12 inches??? I mean I constantly am aroused and get like 10-20 erections during the day. I mean if the wind blows.. SHCCCCWIIIINGGG.. and if I wear Boxers the whole pop tent thing is out there for the whole world to see. I try to cover it with my shirt but it just can not be hidden.

I mean I really think tighty-whities are the way to go. Having your boys cradled in a cloth protecting bag seems just right somehow. No worries of an extra drip after you pee.. it just seems right. Snug. Comfortable. Right?

The one thing I like about boxers and the only reason I am wearing a pair right this moment is because I like the pictures!!! I know I am a tard. Who can resists little Stewie on your ass saying "Born to be Bad!". Sponge Bob Square Pants Pants???!?!? Hell they even have some for Jordon!!

So what do you choose? Boxers,Briefs or other? What do you ladies want your man in? How is a guy to decide fun vs functional... and does it depend on your penis size as to which you should choose? These are the probing questions we must ask. See Mrs. Chako it is NOT easy!

Fantasy Sports Live

God damn fucking fantasy sports live. Alright.. I admit it.. It is not the sites fault that I can not pick worth shit this year. My Yahoo! Team scored like 29 points this weekend pending two more players games tonight.. and my debut at Blinders fine site was a laughable 10 of 10.. ACK! Even Smokkee beat me.. I mean that is hard to do, lose to Smokkee, just ask Love Elf as she kicks his ass every week.. haha.. Hell she kicks everyones ass..

On the good side I was able to find out I lost as soon as the Sunday games were over. Blinders crack staff had the game scores up and I knew my fate immediately. Good job on that.

On the even better side the Patriots continue to steam roll basically everyone.. The first good challenge I guess is next week. Dallas looks pretty good but I think we will beat them. Of course outscoring your opponents by 117 points might give some false confidence.

The Sox clinched the next spot in the playoffs and now I am just waiting for the evil Empire of the Yankees to fall. Sorry Pauly, LJ, any other tards who like the Yankees. Your legacy has been over for a while.. I know in 5-10 more years you will dominate again.. but now its some other teams chance. So go buy a Red Sox hat or something..

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blinders Fantasy Sports Gheyarama

I placed my first bets with Fantasy Sports Live. I hope I win! heh. I have a few New England players so that part should go well.

The site itself is very nicely done. The look of the site is very professional. I have done website design off and on for years (mostly backend work, ya ya giggle all you want childish people) and it is top notch.

The interface for signing up for a game is good also. It holds your hand and walks you down the list of players from most important (QB) to possibly the least (DEF).. You have (in my contest) 950 points to spend on a 9 man Fantasy Football team. The prices for a head QB or RB are between 150-250 and so you run out of room to buy good players towards the bottom.

A lot of the game requires strategy and I have no grasp on what the right moves are in it. Do you load up heavy in the good positions and totally abandon lets say the kicker? Do you go lite in some spots and have a full team? I really have not examined the mechanics of the game in depth and so I just placed a full team on and I am hoping for some luck.

The FAQ for the game tells you all about the scoring among other things. It is slightly different from your normal Yahoo! Sports fantasy scoring so be sure to read it. I think the main difference from what I am used to is how the defense works.

The rake is built into the game so unlike a site such as Full Tilt you are not really aware of the rake. You have to look at the game.. see that the $100 prize money is actually $90.. and figure your rake is $1.. anyway... no big deal.. It works out better in my opinion having equal dollar amounts instead of having to come up with an extra dollar like Al at a strip club.

Anyway I am excited to see how well I do today. I will let you know who on my team breaks his leg on the first play... cause that is how I run.

Friday, October 05, 2007

As Expected..

The Exorcist won the bracket. I have no idea how Texas Chainsaw got so far. I mean it is a good movie but not that good. I guess I have always liked supernatural over blood and gore horror.

If you have never seen the Exorcist or if you liked it a lot check this out.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Played the Mookie last night. I think this is one of my worst games ever. Ha! I just was feeling really unfocused and out of it. I made one good play all night re-raising Hoyazo out of a hand. He was raising like a mofo. A lot more than normal. I could give him credit for getting good hands all night but I doubt it.

I also made an iffy play 3-ways with AK. I raised the pot 600 - against Bayne and Rake and the flop came 679 or some crap. I *assumed* these guys did not call a huge raise like that with a monster hand.. and they probably had Ax's or weak pairs.. So I jammed the flop (I had roughly 2000 left and the pot was 1800 or something in this ballpark) and they both folded. I hope I was saying "Hey I have a pair like Jacks".. but Rake smelled a rat and yet the pussy folded. Heh. Just kidding man. If I had to make a guess he maybe had 5's or something.. not sure..

Anyhoo.. I proceeded to Donk off against Hoy and then jammed with a flush draw against TPTK of PushMonkey and was not able to improve. Like I said my head was not in it. I think I was tired or something. I dunno.

I did have fun playing.. and listening to CK musical voice quote poetry to me. She denies she was talking about me but hey, who can resist Waffles!!! Just in case I scared her, no, I was not heading for the train station for real.

I am currently destitute online so next exciting poker content may take a week or so.. Actually I have a few things I can play so we will see.. For sure going to be at the Stars freeroll and who knows what else.

Final Two: Blecchh

Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs Exorcist
Umm.. hell nos! The Texas Chainsaw Massacre really? It wins against a movie that revolutionized the Zombie genre. Bah. Anyway.. I guess the Exorcist is going to be the winning movie. It is a very very scary movie and well deserves to win.

So what horror movies are missing from the original list? What are some of your favorites and why? I could see any of the following movies on the list for sure:

Child's Play
Psycho killers in dolls are cool.

There have been many of movies in this genre and they were all fun to watch. I always get creeped by the ghost movies. Hell I even get chills sometimes watching Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi. Last night they showed a shadow caught on tape and some interesting EVPs. I wonder if you recorded an empty space if you would hear voices too?

Lost Boys
Ok.. Not the best of the Vampire Genre, I would probably rather pick Blade or Underworld but those are not horror movies. How come no Vampire Movies were represented? How about Salem's Lot. That was kind of freaky to watch as a kid.

This last one is for Iggy. I mean little dwarf guys helping to do what to our world? I saw two or three of these movies and I liked the series.

I think next week the should do pseudo horror movies like Frankken Hooker, Army of Darkness, and Shawn of the Dead...

I leave you with one last thing. I was looking at Night of the Living dead sites and came across the original Dawn of the Dead movie screenplay. Totally different movie then what was produced. It was an interesting read if you have never read it, thought Dawn of the Dead blew, or are a Ghey stage homo. Here is a link to the script.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ballah or Biatch?

Sometimes poker frustrates me so much. Check this hand out. I have 1K left on the bubble of an SNG and I have J9 in the blind. So I limp in. The flop comes Jxx. The chip leader with 5K is an aggro maniac and so I know I am ahead and I also know if I check to him he will bet. So the aggro tard jams an overbet into the pot of 800.. and I insta-rejam for all of my chips. On the bubble. He turns over A7.. and well.. I did not win.

I wonder does getting people in this behind make me a ballah or am I doing something wrong and getting fucked because of it. Is the right move to just jam the flop and take it down? Who the fuck know. Poker is stupid. Three out cunts deserve to go broke. Bah.

Horror Movies: Final Four

Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs Night of the Living Dead
All the correct picks made it through and I predict Night of the Living Dead eating the Chainsaw Massacre. The Texas guy has had it easy so far. Night of the Living Dead is such a good movie.

Psycho vs The Exorcist
I am sort of surprised Psycho made it through to the next round. Not that it is a bad movie.. but as far as general popularity goes it would seem like it would not pass. I would think the Exorcist will win and be up against Night of the Living Dead for playoffs tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Itsssss Baaackkkk...

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 3636407


First off a bit of a notice about shout outs and links. While I should be a good doobie and link the 1000 blogs in my blogroll on the right hand side I found it slowed down page loads and was a pain in the ass. I am more than willing to give a good blog a shoutout and Amagays blog is pretty funny. I do read it a lot and enjoy the overseas crew and their humor not to mention lesbian kissing animated gifs rule!!!!! He mixes in good poker hands, shagging babes, and all sorts of weird ass European grunts that I only understand because I watched years of Monty Python to make an amusing blog. Worth checking out.

I took the night off of WoW and Poker and ate ice cream with the family while watching the Patriots destroy yet another opponent. We only scored 34 points so I was a little disappointed.. I guess Cincinnati must be really good.

I am actually hoping the Chargers win next week.. It is with mixes emotions that I do this. On the one hand it is fun to hear Smokkee bemoan his poor teams pathetic start.. on the bad side though poor LoveElf must be suffering. I know we have not heard much from her since she abandoned us for work and school and more work and more school.. but she is still our sister and I will pray that her team wins one game this year so she can feel good.

I am in the process of trying out Blinders new site Fantasy Sports Live. I will write more on that as I try out the site and interfaces and place my first bet this weekend.

Round Two: Horror Flicks

Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs The Ring
Somehow Texas Chainsaw beat out Saw.. probably because only old people read the Metro and they are like "What's that new fangled Saw thing?". Anyway.. the Massacre has an easy bracket this week and should beat out the ring.

Poltergeist vs Night of the Living Dead
The right movies won this time. I like both of these a lot but I am a HUGE fan of the Night of the Living Dead series and have to vote for it.

Nightmare on Elm Street vs Psycho
I can see why Nightmare beat out Hellraiser in general even if I do not agree. I think I am going to vote Nightmare to continue on. It is a lot more fun to watch. As much as I like the psychological thrillers and think they are scary I enjoy the bad slasher stuff more.

Halloween vs Exorcist
I thought Halloween and Friday the 13th were the same movie so I guess Halloween winning was not too bad. I totally pick the Exorcist for the next round though. It is one of the best horror movies ever.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Little Cash Baaaayyybeee

I decided to play some cash games this weekend. Huh? What was that yell of gleee? A bit over my roll but the SNGs were grinding on me. I had a pretty good session following the guidelines:

1. Buy in for 1/2..
2. Rathole

I ended up winning at seven tables and losing at two for a solid five buyin win. Not too bad. I may keep playing these for a little..

Scary Halloween Fun

One of the local free papers called the Metro has a feature I usually ignore called Wicked Cool Brackets. I normally have no opinions about things like the best designer.. Versachi or Nike? I dunno.. only two clothing people I could come up with.. anyways.. the one they have this week is right down my alley: SCAARY MOVVVIESS! I love horror flicks. So here is the initial bracket along with my picks. Please chime in with your picks and any comments you wish.

"Saw" vs "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
Two slasher flicks going head to head for starters. I like me a good slasher.. always good for blood and boobs which make great movies. I think I give SAW the edge here. The psychological aspect of the movie makes it far more interesting than freaky mutants in a sicko Texas town.. which you can get by visiting April anytime.

The Omen vs The Ring
I have a confession.. I have not seen the Ring. Sorry. I actually hated the Omen and I am not sure why. I just never got into it for some reason.. so by default I will give the movie I never saw the nod. This is typical Waffles logic and should not be followed too closely for risk of going insane.

Poltergeist vs Carrie
This is a hard one as I liked both movies a lot. I think Poltergeist gets the pass here for me though. It was a fun and interesting movie. Also can you say: Yellow wet panties in a pool of dead bodies? I mean how hot is that? Carrie was probably a scarier movie but panties always have to win.

The Blair Witch Project vs Night of the Living Dead
While I appreciate the novelty of the whole Blair Witch phenomena I LOVE the Night of the Living Dead zombie series. It was just such a great series. I think the black and white version beats out the shaky "ooh spooky" camera work of Blair Witch.

Hellraiser vs Nightmare on Elm Street
This is a tough one too as both are very entertaining. I really enjoyed the dream attacks of Freddie and the inventive ways of killing these kids. Hellraiser was interesting in its own ways. Scary guys let out of hell to spread there painful torturing ways. BWAHAHAHA! I will give the slight edge to Hellraiser for its uniqueness and interesting premise.

Psycho vs Hostel
I am going with Psycho for sure here. The psychological thriller beats out the gory slash film. While I liked Hostel it was just not in the league with a movie like Psycho. It got a bad match up. Fun movie to watch though.

Friday the 13th vs Halloween
This is a match up of movies that are pretty much the same movie. I always confuse these two. Which one has Jason? Classic slasher flicks but I am going to give the nod to Friday the 13th. I think it was a better movie with a more interesting back story and the series is much better than anything Halloween did after the first movie. While that probably should not effect my decision I think it does.

The Exorcist vs The Shining
If the shining book translated to screen a little better it might have a chance in this bracket but the movie while scary and great is no where close to the Exorcist. While the twin girls driving down the halls in their big wheels will forever be etched into my mind.. the Exorcist just hits a cord with me. Even to this day I can not watch that movie alone at home at night.. spoookie..

Ok. So that is the starting bracket. Have at it. Horror films are the most fun to watch and I love them all especially B-Rated films. This month is going to be great for those of us who love the genre as the whole month will be full of horror-thons.